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CC    Archaeology

        CC    72 - 81    Philosophy, theory, methodology

        CC    83 - 97    Study and teaching, research

        CC    135 - 137    Preservation, restoration, conservation

CN    Inscriptions, epigraphy

D       History (General)

DA - DX    History of specific countries/regions

GF    Human ecology, anthropogeography

        GF    51    Environmental influences on humans

GF    Human ecology, anthropogeography

        GF    75    Human influences on the environment

GN    Anthropology

        GN    49 - 298    Physical anthropology

        GN    301 - 674    Ethnology, social and cultural anthropology

            GN    406 - 442    Cultural traits, customs, institutions

        GN    301 - 674    Ethnology, social and cultural anthropology

            GN    537 - 674    Ethnic groups and races

        GN    700 - 890    Prehistoric archaeology

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Physical government documents are shelved using the SuDocs (Superintendent of Documents) Classification Scheme.

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AE          National Archives and Records Administration           

LC           Library of Congress

I               Interior Department

ID            US Agency for International Development

SI            Smithsonian Institution

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