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Architecture & Landscape Architecture Case Study Research


Doing case study research?

So, you need to find some case studies? How do you get started? Here are some suggestions:

1. Identify your typology. This could be simple or complex. Begin by thinking in general terms. You may need to search for more than one typology if your project is a combination or hybrid of types or functions.

2. Develop a list of search terms. Try to come up with an extensive list of search terms. Databases use a controlled vocabulary. When you find a resource that appeals to you, check the subject headings in the record and use those terms to find additional similar resources.

3. Search databases that contain your topic. Check out the lists of resources and websites containing case studies on the following sections of this guide. Don't forget to also search the NDSU Libraries catalog, as well as other library catalogs. Tip: Search using "case study" AND the project typology. For example, case study AND performing arts center. Also, use the advanced search in the Avery Index to find illustrations, such as plans, sections, and elevations.

4. Keep track of the information you find. If you'll be using it for your research, you'll need to cite it later. Keep a list of resources with notes, or build your bibliography as you go. That way, when you need to find a particular bit of information later, you'll know where to look.


Find Case Studies

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