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Chemical Technology

  • Fermentation industries / Beverages / Alcohol     TP500 through TP660
  • Food processing and manufacture     TP368 through TP456
  • Low temperature engineering / Cryogenic engineering / Refrigeration     TP480 through TP498
  • Oils, fats, and waxes     TP670 through TP699

Home Economics

  • Cooking     TX642 through TX840
  • Nutrition / Foods and food supply     TX341 through TX641


  • Animal feeds and feed mills     TS2284 through TS2288
  • Animal products     TS1950 through TS1982
  • Cereals and grain / Milling industry     TS2120 through TS2159
  • Tobacco industry     TS2220 through TS2283
Last updated: 8/18/2017