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COMM 216

Academic Articles

How do I tell if an article is academic or not?

Look for these characteristics:


 Academic articles

 Non-academic articles


 Academic or researcher; look for author
 affiliations on the first or last page

 Editorial staff, freelance writer, possibly a


 Abstract/summary, charts or graphs

 Pictures, graphics


 Formal bibliography; uses footnotes or
 list of citations

 No formal bibliography; may include
 quotes or mention other research in text


 Technical, assumes prior knowledge

 Short, simple language


 Report original research or experiment to
 other academics and researchers

 Inform, entertain, sell a product or idea


 Professional organization

 Company, trade association


Note author affiliations, abstract, and citation.

Academic Article Example

Note this article does not have an abstract, has pictures, and does not include citations.

Non-Academic Article Example

Searching for Articles

The library website or library databases are a great place to find academic articles. You can usually limit your search to academic articles by selecting "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed." Check out the below videos to learn how.

Links to popular databases

Article Searching Tutorials

Citing Articles

Library Website Citation Tool

Once you've found an article you want to use,

1. Click on "Details."

2. Click on "Actions"

3. Click on "Citation"

4. Select and copy the citation style you want to use

Library Website Citation Example

EBSCO Citation Tool

1. From the article or article abstract page, select the Cite Icon on the right side of the page.

2. Select the citation format you want to use and copy the citation.

Academic Search Premier Citation

Note: Always double-check your citations, as these are computer generated and may contain errors, particularly capitalization.