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Company and Salary Research

Company Research

Use these resources to help you decide if you want to work for a company, identify what to highlight on your application, and prepare for interviews. Consider whether the company culture is a good fit, if the company is growing or downsizing, and the company's future plans.

Once you're on the job, these resources can help you stay on top of what your company is doing. You can use that knowledge to talk to your supervisor about new opportunities, transfer to another department, or hone your skills in a growing area.

Library Databases*

*Even after you graduate, you can access similar resources with your public library card

Library Ebooks

Other Online Resources

Company Website
Search for the company name and corporate or investor relations. Look at “about us,” careers or employment, investor relations (annual report). Consider core values, policies, training programs, what is emphasized (do they talk about diversity, going green, ethical suppliers?) versus what’s not, etc.

Social Media
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) shows what your potential employer is posting and what others are posting about your potential employer. What do their posts show about what they value?
Search for your company and find out what others have to say about it.

Salary Research

Use these resources to help you identify salary ranges for careers and negotiate your salary.

Government Resources