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Criminal Justice

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HV    Social pathology, Social and public welfare

             HV    6001 - 7220.5    Criminology

                      HV    6250 - 6250.4    Victims of crimes

                      HV    6251 - 6773.55    Crimes and offenses

                      HV    6774 - 7220.5    Crimes and criminal classes

             HV    7231 - 9960    Criminal justice administration

                      HV    7431    Prevention of crime

                      HV     551 - 8280.7    Police, detectives

                      HV    8301 - 9920.7    Penology, prisons, corrections

HV    Social pathology, Social and public welfare

             HV    7231 - 9960    Criminal justice administration

                      HV    9950 - 9960    By region or country

K       Law in general, comparative and uniform law, jurisprudence

             K    5000 - 5582    Criminal law and procedure

                      K    5575 - 55582    Juvenile criminal law and procedure

KF    Law of the United States

             KF    1 - 9827    Federal law, individual states

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Physical government documents are shelved using the SuDocs (Superintendent of Documents) Classification Scheme.

Please send us a chat or speak with us in person at the Reference Desk if you need help locating a government document.


CR           Civil Rights Commission

D              Defense Department

HE           Health and Human Services Department

HS           Homeland Security

J            Justice Department

X            Congress

Y            Congress

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