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Important dates

November 3, 2020 General Election

North Dakota:

Sept. 24, Absentee and Mail Balloting Begins
October 19, Early voting starts (Cass County)
Nov. 2, Absentee and Mail Ballot Submission Deadline


September 18 - Early voting by absentee ballot begins. Request your ballot now!

September 22 - National Voter Registration Day! Check your registration and tell your family and friends. 

October 2 - Recommended that voters apply for absentee ballots before this day, to ensure enough time to receive and return their ballot. 

October 13 - Make sure you are registered to vote, to save time at the polling place.

November 3 - Election Day! Vote in person at your polling place or make sure your absentee ballot is postmarked by this day.

Election Information

Voting Basics

Is there help for getting an ID? is a non-partison organization that helps people get ID so they can vote.

Where should I go for election information?

Vote North Dakota

Vote Minnesota

North Dakota

Do I need to Register?

Not if you are a resident (have lived here for at least 30 days) of North Dakota. North Dakota is the only state without voter registration. Therefore, no registration is required.

Do I need to be a resident?

Yes, you need to have resided in your precinct for at least thirty days before the election.

*Mail-in ballots*

Ballots must be mailed in, or placed in the drop box in front of the courthouse (the courthouse is currently open by appointment only).

Mail your ballot before November 3rd to make sure it is counted. Ballots postmarked on election day will not be counted. If possible, post your ballot by October 30th.

Read an article about voting in Cass County in The Forum (link is external).

Do I need an ID?

Yes,  for in-person voting you need to to provide a valid form of identification such as a North Dakota driver’s license, nondriver ID, or tribal ID* that includes your current residential address and date of birth.

If your ID does not include your current address you can also bring:
(1) A current utility bill;
(2) A current bank statement;
(3) A check issued by a federal, state, or local government;
(4) A paycheck; or
(5) A document issued by a federal, state, or local government.

Click here (link is external) for more information on acceptable forms of ID.

* A consent decree (link is external) was issued by the ND Supreme Court regarding Tribal ID's. The Administrative Rules regarding ID will be updated: 

Where do I vote?

You can use this site (link is external)to locate your voting location. Maps and other information can be found here (link is external).

Voting sites in Cass County are being reduced from 38 precincts to just six.

You can vote early:

"Early Voting is made available to all eligible Cass County voters prior to each election administered by the Cass County Finance office. Please feel free to contact the Cass County Finance office if you have any questions at (701) 241-5600."

Click below for more information on voting in North Dakota:

Absentee Voting (link is external)

College Students (link is external)

Military Voters (link is external)

Overseas Voters (link is external)

Tribal Voting (link is external)

Want more? Go to Voting Basics For North Dakota. (link is external)

Read ND Election Laws (link is external)


Do I need to Register?

If you are a resident of Minnesota you do need to register. More information is available at: (link is external)

You can register or update your registration when you vote, whether that is at your polling place on Election Day or at an early voting location. You will need proof of residence to register.

Do I need to be a resident?

Yes, you need to have resided in Minnesota for 20 days.

*Mail-in ballots*

In Minnesota, you can vote early with an absentee ballot starting 46 days before Election Day. You can request an absentee ballot online (link is external). Read about other options and more information about absentee voting at the links below.

Do I need an ID?

Whether you need to bring ID to the polls depends on if you need to register at the polling place or not.

If your voter registration is current and active, you do not need to bring identification. This means you were successfully registered at least 21 days before Election Day and you have not moved or changed names since then.

If you need to register or update your registration, or you have not voted in four years or more, you will need to show proof of residence before you vote.

Where do I vote?

Vote early in person (link is external)

Find where you vote, what times polls are open and why polling places sometimes change.

Click below for more information on voting in Minnesota

I'm a college student (link is external)

I'm in the military or living abroad (link is external)

I have a criminal record (link is external)

I'm under guardianship or have an impairment (link is external)

I'm in a nursing home or hospital (link is external)

I fear for my personal safety (link is external)

I'm in a residential facility (link is external)

I'm living temporarily in Minnesota (link is external)

I'm homeless (link is external)

My home is in foreclosure (link is external)

My home was destroyed (link is external)

Not From North Dakota or Minnesota?

Absentee and Early Voting

"Most states have a method for any eligible voter to cast a ballot before Election Day, either during the early voting period or by requesting an absentee ballot. In 13 states, early voting is not available and an excuse is required to request an absentee ballot. " Find out whay your state requires to vote by an absentee ballot.

Voter Toolkit

Not sure who to contact in your state regarding voting? This site will help you locate the correct office.



First Time Voter
Are you ready to vote for the first time?

What is on the ballot

North Dakota Ballot

This measure increases the number of individuals who serve on the state board of higher education from eight to fifteen, increases the term of board membership from four years to six years, requires the board to meet at least annually with the heads of each institution under the board's control, and prohibits state legislators, elected state officials, and full-time state employees from serving on the board.
This measure requires an initiated constitutional measure approved by voters to be submitted to the subsequent legislative assembly. Under this measure, if the legislative assembly does not approve the constitutional measure, the measure will be placed on the ballot again, and, if approved by the voters, will become effective. The measure also requires constitutional amendments to be submitted to voters only at general elections.
See your county and local elections on your ballot.


Minnesota: go to What's on my Ballot.

View your sample ballot

  • The sample ballot shows a list of the candidates and ballot questions you'll be voting on.
  • Information is posted about 45 days before an election.
  • A sample ballot is not available for all local elections. You may need to contact the local government (city, town or school district) holding the election.

See who has filed to be a candidate

  • Candidate filing for local offices for which a primary is possible ends on June 2nd.
  • Local offices for which no primary will be held must file for office between July 28 — August 11.

Ballot Questions

Questions that will be on 2020 state general election ballots are compiled in the Questions on 2020 State General Election Ballot document.

Mailing, or dropping off your ballot

In North Dakota:

Early voting locations and hours

Do you want to drop off your ballot instead of mailing it? Click here to find your locations for dropping off a ballot in North Dakota.

For a form used when the voter wants a friend or family member to deliver their application and ballot to and from the county finance office - Absent Voter's Ballot Application - Agent Authorization (SFN 53933)

In Minnesota:


All voters have at least one location where they can vote early in person with an absentee ballot. Depending on where you live, there may be additional locations.

  1. You can vote in person at your county election office.
  2. In addition to your county election office, some cities and towns offer in-person absentee voting. Check with your city clerk's office for more information.