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  • Insects     QL461 through QL599.82

Plant Culture - Pests and Diseases (SB599 through SB990.5)

  • Economic entomology     SB818 through SB945
  • Individual or types of plants or trees     SB608
  • Inspection / Quarantine    SB979.5 through SB985
  • Organic plant protection / Biological control     SB974 through SB978
  • Pest control and treatment of diseases / Plant protection     SB950 through SB990.5
  • Pesticides     SB950.9 through SB970.4
  • Plant pathology     SB621 through SB795
  • Poisonous plants     SB617 through SB618
  • Soil disinfection     SB973 through SB973.5
  • Weeds, parasitic plants, etc.     SB610 through SB615

Public Aspects of Medicine

  • Transmission of disease     RA639 through RA642
Last updated: 2/14/2017