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Home Research Guides ENVD101 - Library Research Assignment

ENVD101 - Library Research Assignment


Design Competitions

First, check your Blackboard course site to find out which competition has been assigned to you.

Login to Blackboard. Then, read all the information about the competition thoroughly, picking out the details below:

What is the project typology?

Typology refers to the type of buliding or space. Is your building/space a museum, an office building, an urban park, a memorial site? The resources in this guide will help you learn more about the common characteristics of the project typology you are working with.

What is the history of the region/company?

After determining where the site of your project is located, you can then search for resources about the country, state, city, etc. If there is no specific site given for the project, check with your instructor to see if you can choose a site. You may also choose to find information about the company who is sponsoring the deisgn competition and/or the client it is to be designed for.

What are the sustainability issues specific to the project?

Whether or not there are specific sustainability considerations required for the design competition, designers working with landscapes and the built environment should practice sustainability. How will these considerations influence the design?

Citing Sources

For this assignment you are required to cite your sources using the American Psychological Association (APA) style. The NDSU Libraries Catalog and databases have built in tools to generate the citations, but you'll want to double check them for accuracy. Here are some print and online resources to help you format your citations. 

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

NDSU Center for Writers

Online Writing Lab (OWL) @ Purdue


Assignment Description

ENVD 101 - Library Research Assignment

You have been assigned a design competition for this library research assignment. The assignments are posted on the course Blackboard page. You have previously registered for your design competition and have identified your design team. In your second (design team determination) assignment you identified a list of issues and information you needed in order to start your design work. Included in that list you identified the following three pieces of information that you need and should research:

  • Project typology
  • History of the region and/or the company
  • Sustainability issues specific to this project

Where will you go for the information? The library! That is the essence of this assignment. Library staff is always available to help you if you run into a snag. But don't wait until the last minute, as this may take several hours.


1. For each of the three issues listed above write a short description of why the issue is important for your competition and locate at least three different library sources of information for that issue. For each source located provide full citations in APA style, location where it is available, and the call number (if it is owned by the library). Sources for each issue must be from a variety of resources including books, magazines, internet, newspapers, etc.

2. Write a brief statement describing the strategy that you used to identify the necessary information and the strategy that you used to find it.

Learning Objectives:

  • Find appropriate evidence and/or information about a topic
  • Identify and select information sources and retrieval systems in a variety of forms.
  • Implement a search strategy for identifying pertinent information
  • Identification of environmental concerns related to a project.
  • Organize ideas in a coherent structure.
  • Communicating information using graphic and written forms.

Find Books

Search the NDSU Libraries Catalog to find books owned by NDSU. 

Search WorldCat to find books owned by other libraries. The resources you cite for your assignment do not have to be owned by NDSU.

Get Help

  Lisa Eggebraaten

  Research and Access Librarian, Klai Juba Wald Architectural Studies Library and the Business Learning Center

  310 Klai | 701.231.8462

Last updated: 9/25/2018