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G - Geography (General). Atlases. Maps 
GA - Mathematical geography. Cartography 
GB - Physical geography 
GC - Oceanography

QE1-350.62 - General geology 
QE351-399.2 - Mineralogy 
QE420-499 - Petrology 
QE500-639.5 - Dynamic and structural geology 
QE521-545 - Volcanoes and earthquakes 
QE601-613.5 - Structural geology 
QE640-699 - Stratigraphy 
QE701-760 - Paleontology 
QE760.8-899.2 - Paleozoology 
QE901-996.5 - Paleobotany

S589.8-589.87 - Plant growing media. Potting soils 
S590-599.9 - Soils. Soil science Including soil chemistry, soil structure, soil-plant relationships

TN TN1-997 Mining engineering. Metallurgy
TN263-271 Mineral deposits. Metallic ore deposits.
TN400-580 Ore deposits and mining of particular metals
TN799.5-948 Nonmetallic minerals

These publications are located in our federal documents collection on the 2nd floor.

I 19.3: Bulletins
I 19.3/3: Water Resources Bulletins
I 19.4/2: Circulars
I 19.9: Monographs
I 19.13: Water-Supply Papers
I 19.16: Professional Papers
I 19.42/4: Water Resources Investigations
I 19.53/2: Water Resources Data
I 19.76: Open-File Reports

I 27. Reclamation Bureau
I 28. Mines Bureau
I 29. National Park Service
I 33. Geographic Names Board
I 53. Land Management Bureau
I 71. Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement Office
I 72. Minerals Management Service

Other resources

Local Geology eBooks

The Glacial Lake Agassiz
Upham, Warren
The glacial lake which is the theme of this volume extended along the Red River Valley and covered the lake country of Manitoba.
The Geologic Story of The Great Plains
Donald E. Trimble
A nontechnical description of the origin and evolution of the landscape of the Great Plains.
Rocks and soils: their origin, composition and characteristics; chemical, geological and agricultural
Horace E. Stockbridge
Horace Stockbridge was a geologist and chemist, who served as NDAC's (later NDSU) first president.
Ground-Water Hydrology of Prairie Potholes in North Dakota
Charles E. Sloan
Prepared as part of the program of the Department of the Interior for the development of the Missouri River basin
Last updated: 12/19/2017