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HF 5410 - 5417.5   Marketing. Distribution of Products

HF 5801 - 6182   Advertising

Demographics & Statistics

International Data

Healthcare Marketing

3C & 4P Analysis

Find out what you can from the below resources and from your organization's webpages and social media

International Marketing

Library Resources

Background Information

Find historical, cultural, and economic information on your country using these reference resources provided through the library.

Country Profiles

These databases provided through the library include a six-factor country risk analysis and data on the population, politics, exports and imports, and GNP of various countries.

Industry Profiles by Country

These library databases provide country-specific industry information that may provide valuable information on the country's marketing conditions. Contact the business librarian for assistance.

Print Resources

Available in the Business Learning Center reference section located in Barry Hall, Room 22:

Other Websites

Websites with Industry Information

Also look at your organizations within your industry to find news and statistical information.

Marketing Research

Industry Information

To browse the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) for your industry code, see the Census Bureau website.

Company Information

Also check out company websites, social media, and patent applications. For publicly traded companies, annual reports provide a wealth of information.

Target Market Information

Survey Resources

Focus Group Resources

Ad Placement and Response

External Sites

Last updated: 11/14/2018