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NRM 150

Citing Sources

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Citation Management Tools

A citation manager helps you keep track of articles, books and other materials, as you find them. They can be used to generate in-line citations and bibliographies/reference lists in a wide variety of citation styles in Microsoft Word, and some in Open Office as well. Some allow you to manage, tag, and annotate PDFs as well as share and collaborate with groups online. Each manager als has built-in connections to Google Scholar and common library databases.

Note: NDSU Libraries currently offers user support for three popular citation management tools: EndNote Online, Mendeley, and Zotero. This support does not represent an endorsement. There are other good, free citation managers online. Which one you choose should depend on your needs and preferences. In particular, you may want to use the same manager as yoru research group or department.

EndNote Online

  • Cloud based only (desktop version is not provided by the Libraries)
  • Good with large collections of citations
  • Works seamlessly with Web of Science
  • Cite While You Write plug-in for Microsfot Word is a bit clunky
  • Not a good option for managing PDFs

Endnote Tutorial


  • Cloud based and desktop client
  • Easy to manage, share, and annotate PDFs
  • Sometimes struggles to extract complete citation information
  • Strong collaborative, social-networking component

Mendeley Tutorial


  • Good at picking up citation information off of websites and other online content including screenshots
  • Open-source software program
  • Allows for management and tagging of PDFs and other digital materials

Zotero Tutorial