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Plant Pathology

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Insects     QL461 through QL599.82

Plant Culture - Pests and Diseases (SB599 through SB990.5)

  • Economic entomology     SB818 through SB945
  • Individual or types of plants or trees     SB608
  • Inspection / Quarantine    SB979.5 through SB985
  • Organic plant protection / Biological control     SB974 through SB978
  • Pest control and treatment of diseases / Plant protection     SB950 through SB990.5
  • Pesticides     SB950.9 through SB970.4
  • Plant pathology     SB621 through SB795
  • Poisonous plants     SB617 through SB618
  • Soil disinfection     SB973 through SB973.5
  • Weeds, parasitic plants, etc.     SB610 through SB615

Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems

Check out the Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems for some background information on topics related to plant pathology. 

The link will take you to the a section of the library catalog. Click on View It and then CREDO Reference Collection. If you are off-campus you will then see the NDSU Central Authentication Service (CAS) login page. Once you log in you will be directed to the encyclopedia.

There are many sections in this book. Some sections related to Plant Pathology Include:

  • Biotechnology and Plant Protection
  • Climate Change and Plant Disease
  • Emerging Plant Diseases
  • Food Security: Food Defense and Biosecurity
  • Herbicide-Resistant Crops
  • Integrated Pest Management in Tree Fruit Crops
  • Mineral Nutrition and Suppression of Plant Disease
  • Pathogen-Tested Planting Material
  • Pesticide Risk Reduction
  • Plant Disease and Resistance
  • Plant Health Management
    • Biological Control of Insect Pests
    • Biological Control of Plant Pathogens
    • Crop Protection with Nematicides
    • Fungicides and Antibiotics
    • Herbicides
    • Pathogen Suppressive Soils
    • Soil Fumigation
    • Soil Solarization
  • Plant Virus Control by Post-Transcriptional Gene Silencing

Van Alfen, N. K. (2014). Encyclopedia of agriculture and food systems. Amsterdam: Elsevier/Academic Press.

Last updated: 10/17/2018