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Use the library search to find print books, ebooks, and more. Use the Advanced Search and the search result filters to narrow your results by Material Type, Availability (print, online, Open Access), Year, Subject, and more.

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Most of the plant science books are found in the SB (Plant Culture) and QK(Botany) section on the second floor of the main library.

Examples of what can be found in each section includes:

Plant Culture (SB1 – SB1110)

  • Field Crops     SB183317
  • Flowers, Flower Culture, and Ornamental Plants     SB403450.87
  • Food Crops     SB175177
  • Fruit and Fruit Culture     SB354402
  • Gardens and Gardening / Landscape Architecture     SB450.9476.4
  • Horticultural Crops     SB317.5319.864
  • Nurseries     SB118.48118.75
  • Tree Crops     SB169172.5
  • Vegetables     SB320353.5
  • Plant Culture (general)     SB139
  • Economic Botany     SB107109
  • Economic Zoology (applied to crops)     SB992998
  • Forcing     SB127
  • Growth Regulators     SB128
  • Harvesting, Curing, Storage     SB129130
  • History     SB7187
  • Hydroponics / Soilless Agriculture     SB126.5126.57
  • Irrigation Farming     SB112
  • Methods for special areas including cold regions, dry farming, tropical agriculture     SB109.7111
  • Parks and Public Reservations     SB481486
  • Pests and Diseases     SB599990.5
  • Propogation (including breeding, selection, grafting, air layering)     SB119124
  • Seeds     SB113.2118.46
  • Training and Pruning     SB125


Section Heading

  • General botany (including geographical distribution)     QK1 – 474.5
  • Cryptogams     QK504 – 638
  • Plant Anatomy     QK640 – 707
  • Plant Ecology      QK900 – 989
  • Plant Physiology     QK710 – 899
  • Spermatophyta     QK474.8 – 495