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Find Articles

Find Measurements and Tests

There are two primary strategies to find tests and measurements:

  1. Searching by test/measure name: 
    • The "Beck Depression Inventory" or the "Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale"
  2. Searching by the variable you want to measure:
    • risk aversion assessment or a scale measuring self-esteem

Below are additional search tips to help you find the right test/measure. 

  • Start with your topic and search for it in combination with a variety of terms, for example:
    • "risk aversion" AND (instrument OR measure)
    • "self-esteem" AND scale
  • Look for articles and studies with an appendix or appendecies, which often include tests and measures, by adding append*  to your search:
    • "self-esteem" AND scale AND append* 
      • The asterisk (*) stands in for all words that start with append including appendix, appends, appendecies, and appendixes. 

For more general search tips and hints check out our Database Search Bar Tips Tutorial.

Browse the Shelves

Research Collection

BF    Psychology

             BF    176 - 176.5    Psychological tests and testing

             BF    180 - 198.7    Experimental psychology

             BF    712 - 724.85    Developmental prychology

HF    Commerce

             HF    5548.7 - 5548.85    Industrial psychology

HM    Sociology

             HM    1001 - 1281    Social psychology

ML    Literature on Music

             ML    3830 - 3840    Psychology

QP    Physiology

             QP    351 - 495    Neurophysiology and nueropsychology

R      Medicine (general)

             R      726.5 - 726.8    Medicine/disease related to psychology

RC    Internal medicine

             RC    435 - 571    Psychiatry

RJ    Pediatrics

             RJ    499 - 507    Mental disorders, child psychiatry

Print Government Information

Physical government documents are shelved using the SuDocs (Superintendent of Documents) Classification Scheme.

Please send us a chat or speak with us in person at the Reference Desk if you need help locating a government document.


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