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Research Collection

H       Social sciences (general)

HA    Statistics

         HA    154 - 4737    Statistical data

HM    Sociology

         HM    435 - 477    History of Sociology (schools of sociology)

HN    Social history and conditions

HQ    The Family, Marriage, Women

         HQ    12 - 449    Sexual life

         HQ    503 - 1064    The family (parents, children, adults, etc...)

         HQ    1101 - 2030.7    Women (feminism)

HS    Societies

HT    Communities, Classes, Races

         HT    101 -  395    Urban groups (metropolitan areas, etc...)

         HT    401 -  485    Rural groups

         HT    601 - 1445    Classes

         HT    1501 - 1595    Races

HV    Social pathology, Social and public welfare

         HV    6001 - 7220.5    Criminology

HX    Socialism

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Physical government documents are shelved using the SuDocs (Superintendent of Documents) Classification Scheme.

Please send us a chat or speak with us in person at the Reference Desk if you need help locating a government document.


HE           Health and Human Services Department

HH          Housing and Urban Development Department

J             Justice Department

VA           Veterans Affairs Department

X-Y          Congress

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