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  • Talking Points : September 17, 2018 

    North Dakota State University. College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (North Dakota State University, 2018-09-17)
  • Talking Points : December 18, 2017 

    North Dakota State University. College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (North Dakota State University, 2017-12-18)
  • Designing for Humanity 

    Thordson, Elizabeth (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    This thesis aims to explore the idea that a healthy prison design will in turn create a healthy atmosphere. I will work to design a prison that will aid in the inmates’ transition back into society. By designing a structure ...
  • Casualty Collection System 

    Rae, Elizabeth (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    Our world continuously changes as the population grows, and technology advances to new heights. Each change has different effects on our environment, some are negative while others are positive. Some developments have ...
  • Acknowledging the Tides through the Renewable Energy of the Moon 

    Wolf, Drew (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    A restructure of energy generation and architectures ability to transform power plants into a beacon of culture. This project seeks to reawaken a lost perspective of nature through the acknowledgment of the entwined ...
  • The Sacred Qualities of the Mundane: Using Music and Architecture to Achieve Harmony in the Workplace 

    Walbolt, David (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    This thesis project is intended to critique the daily ritual we fall into has humans. We wake up, go to work, come home and to do it all again tomorrow. How can we design the workplace to be a space that makes you want to ...
  • Adaptive Architectural Value Engineering: A Study of Influencing Factors 

    Meyer, Christopher (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    A study to define value, and define it as a critical variable in domestic residential design and construction, by the use of evaluation of adaptive symbolic models using designer controlled endogenous and external exogenous ...
  • Sense-a-tecture: An Exploration into Architectural Sensory Experience and Environmental Learning 

    White, Christopher (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    Our world is built up of individual parts. Each part is unique by itself, but it is the process of bringing them together that makes up our experience as a whole. There is more to a forest than the texture of bark. We use ...
  • Arcology 

    Peterson, Jack (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    Arcology is an approximately 30,000 square foot transit center located within the Ford Site redevelopment plan in St. Paul, MN. The core concept of the project lies in its incorporation of algae, a diverse group of water-based ...
  • Inbetween: Life, Loss, and Healing within Architectural Space 

    Arroyo, Javan Hur Dy (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    Our relationship with loss is something that has dwindled overtime due to the lack of representation of death within our modern society. At the same time, I believe that our healthcare facilities have also played a part ...
  • An Artifact of Industry: Preserving Minnesota’s Industrial Heritage, through the Rehabilitation of Concrete Grain Elevators and Silos 

    Hegedus, Jenna Marie (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    This thesis project is to promote the value of Minneapolis, Minnesota’s cultural heritage through the rehabilitation of concrete grain elevators and silos. With the vacancy of many of these structures at a rise, the re-use ...
  • Algorithmic Design and Architectural Machines 

    Langr, Hannah (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    What is our relationship with technology? As designers, we sit on the precipice between the abstract and the alien; between meaningful imagination and reductive otherness. With the permeation of algorithmic software in the ...
  • The Depth of Rivers and the Restorative Power of the Fragment: Architecture as Fluid Filmic Narrative 

    Galbraith, Christa (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    In 1948, Ralph Ellison wrote an article about the experience of living in Harlem and explained a common feeling of placelessness and uncertainty of self. This placelessness persists today as the neighborhood undergoes ...
  • ABSIM Exhibition Design: Agent-Based Simulation in the Curating Process 

    Laurin, Brady (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    The design of museum and gallery spaces are typically done by different designers with a mutual understanding of the scope of work for each. In the best possible scenario, these processes will take place congruently, with ...
  • A New Adventure: Encouraging People to Go Out to Discover American History through Architecture and the Environment that Surrounds It 

    Johnson, Benjamin (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    There are towns and historical places all over the country that currently do not have a space that allows for historical learning. Without these places of learning the history and knowledge tends to die off disappearing ...
  • Relocated Roots: A Community Focused Urban Agriculture Facility 

    Mills, Alexandra (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    The design of 407 New Street seeks to introduce the agricultural sector into the urban environment. By integrating agriculture into the city context, the project aims to introduce a new typological identity to the neighborhood ...
  • The Space Between: A Manifesto for Designing Socially Engaged Communities 

    Malnaa, Alex (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    Suburbanization, low-density residential, commercial and civic zones with expansive, under-utilized parking lots have created physical and social distances between people. Each typological zone is segregated from the others ...
  • A New Anoka: A Suburban Infill Project 

    Hegseth, Jon (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    The purpose of this thesis is to study a pocket of land along an existing train line in Anoka, MN. It is a pocket of land that was not developed due to its zoning for industrial use. The adjacent land has been developed ...
  • PODs and MODs : Modularity as a Response to the Skills Gap 

    Cristy, Joshua Kyle (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    PODs & MODs focuses on vocational trades schools, design build programs, entrepreuneurial maker space startups, modular shipping container builders and the manufacturing industry to investigate the issues companies are ...
  • The Synthesis of Balance: Conscious Design Based on the Lived Experience 

    Aberle, Kaitlyn (North Dakota State University, 2018)
    Architecture become harmonious when it is experienced as a triad of the lived reality, the perceived experience, and the impact it has on the memory of the soul. The physical reality of the built environment can highly ...

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