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    • “Thistle Houses: a series of autobiographical episodes” Records 

      Moran, Margaret Aandahl; Moran, Margaret Aandahl (2015-08-05)
      Typed manuscript (96 leaves) written by Margaret Aandahl Moran regarding her childhood years on the family farm near Litchville, N.D. up to the time her father was elected governor of North Dakota and the family moved to ...
    • Thomas Campbell Collection 

      Campbell, Thomas; Sackett, Leonard; Campbell, Thomas; Sackett, Leonard (2015-10-19)
      Correspondence between Campbell and Leonard Sackett regarding the records of Campbell's wheat farm, the Cream of Wheat corporation, the Bull family, and bonanza farms. Includes newspaper and magazine clippings.
    • Thomas H. Canfield Papers, 1950, 1954 

      Canfield, Thomas Hawley; Canfield, Thomas Hawley (10/16/2012)
      Letter from son Thomas Canfield, Jr. to Leonard Sackett, illustrated sale brochure on the Canfield farm near Lake Park, Minn., a typed, incomplete biographical piece (1 leaf) entitled When North Dakota's capitol city, ...
    • Thomas Hall Collection 

      Hall, Thomas; Hall, Thomas (2015-11-30)
      Typed manuscript (142 leaves) of his memoirs including his parents Richard and Ellen Peters Hall, their move from Michigan to Eldridge, N.D. in 1883, farming, working with mules, and newspaper reporting, with mention of ...
    • Thomas J. Harrison Scrapbook, c.1913-1916 

      Harrison, Thomas J.; Harrison, Thomas J. (8/12/2014)
    • Thomas McGrath Papers, 1970-1971 

      McGrath, Thomas (Papers); McGrath, Thomas (Papers) (2008-10-08)
      Renowned poet, Rhodes Scholar and Sheldon, North Dakota native.
    • Thomas N. Putnam Papers, 1868-1955 

      Putnam, Thomas; Putnam, Thomas (2008-10-08)
      New York native who moved with family to Iowa before coming to Carrington, ND in 1886. Owned a successful lumber business as well as 29 farms and two sections of land near Calgary, Alberta.
    • Thomas Newgard Collection 

      Newgard, Thomas
      The Thomas Newgard Collection consists primarily of the North Dakota county atlases that he photocopied from published atlases and used to document ethnicity of many of the farm owners for his book "Patterns on the Prairie: ...
    • Thomas Pughe Reminiscences 

      Pughe, Thomas; Pughe, Thomas (9/2/2015)
      Two original typed reminiscences in which Pughe recounts his life, particularly after immigrating to America, coming to Bowman County, N.D. in 1908 where he homesteaded land, farmed, and worked on area farms and ranches. ...
    • Thomas Thompson Papers, 1887, 1925, 1955-1956 

      Thompson, Thomas; Thompson, Thomas (11/6/2012)
      Electrostatic copy of a work agreement, dated March 28, 1887 and signed by A.R. Dalrymple at Hague, N.D., of Thomas Thompson to work as a hired man and his wife as a cook for Grandin Farms, states their wages and other ...
    • Thorstina Jackson & Émile Walters Papers, 1918-1959 

      Walters, Émile; Walters, Thorstina Jackson; Walters, Émile; Walters, Thorstina Jackson (2009-03-16)
    • Thorstina Jackson Walters & Émile Walters Photograph Collection, 1920s-1930s 

      Walters, Émile; Walters, Thorstina Jackson; Walters, Émile; Walters, Thorstina Jackson (2008-10-31)
    • Thorvald Ostbye Family Papers, 1884-1947 

      Ostbye, Thorvald; Ostbye, Thorvald (2008-10-08)
      Norwegian immigrant who started a contracting business and became a successful Fargo contractor. Responsible for building the Carnegie Library (Putnam Hall) and its addition on the North Dakota Agricultural College (now ...
    • Thorvald Ostbye Family Photograph Collection, 1880s-1940s 

      Ostbye, Thorvald; Ostbye, Thorvald (2008-10-31)
    • Thoughts About the State of Our State University, 1980 

      Loftsgard, President Laurel D.; Loftsgard, President Laurel D. (North Dakota State University: Office of the President, 1980-09-08)
    • Three families’ genealogies, n.d. 

      Unknown author (2017-01-09)
      Family Genealogies for the Gottlieb Brandt, Friedrich Jacob Streyle, and Johannes Brandt families.
    • Thresher’s Record Book 

      United States Bureau of Markets; United States Bureau of Markets (2015-04-08)
      Published booklet to be used by threshers to record grain threshed for farmers, although this particular booklet not used for that purpose. Some pages used for other farm financial notes, by unnamed person. Note on title ...
    • Thursday Homemaker Club Photograph Collection, 1955-2017 

      Thursday Homemaker Club; Thursday Homemaker Club
      Homemaker Clubs in ND in the 1920’s through the North Dakota Agriculture College (now NDSU) Extension Service was a way to bring information on home economic issues to women throughout the state. The Cass County Thursday ...
    • Thursday Homemakers’ Club records, 1955-2017 

      Thursday Homemakers’ Club; Thursday Homemakers’ Club
      The Homemakers’ Clubs started in North Dakota in the 1920’s through the North Dakota Agricultural College (now NDSU) Extension Service as a way to bring information on home economic issues to women throughout the state. ...
    • Tillie Konen and Edward Evenson Interview 

      Evenson, Edward; Konen, Tillie Evenson; Evenson, Edward; Konen, Tillie Evenson (2016-06-28)
      Typed original and corrected copy of an interview by Leonard Sackett with Tillie (Evenson) Konen and Edward Evenson. Interview concerning their parents leaving Norway, the site of the Grandin elevator where their father ...