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    • Quilts for the Lighthouse Orphanage #10 

      Unknown author (2011-01-13)
      Deacon Alexander heads the Lighthouse Orphanage.
    • Quilts for the Lighthouse Orphanage #9 

      Unknown author (2011-01-13)
      The children of the orphanage with handmade quilts made by women in Tuttle and Zap, North Dakota.
    • R. Tal Russell Stage Drawings and Photographs Collection 

      R. Tal Russell; R. Tal Russell (2009-08-04)
    • Race Tracks Photograph Collection 

      Race Tracks Photograph Collection; Race Tracks Photograph Collection (2008-10-31)
    • Railroads Photograph Collection 

      Railroads Photograph Collection; Railroads Photograph Collection (2008-10-31)
    • Rainer Schickele Papers, 1931-1975 

      Schickele, Rainer; Schickele, Rainer (2008-10-08)
      Shickele was an agricultural economist who taught at North Dakota State University and later worked for the United Nations in the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Schickele published numerous articles and studies ...
    • Ralph & Loretta (Jonas) Schultz Collection 

      Schultz, Ralph; Schultz, Loretta (Jonas); Schultz, Ralph; Schultz, Loretta (Jonas) (2013-01-25)
      50 photographic images, 8 German books, a printout biography of Regina (Geiszler) Schultz, and a newspaper clipping in the German language; all dating from the late 1880s to 2011.
    • Ralph B. Dutee Survey, 1931 

      Dutee, Ralph B.; Dutee, Ralph B. (11/9/2012)
      A survey done as a graduate project while attending North Dakota Agricultural College. Topics covered include history and social institutions with numerous photographs of the town, a map showing Cass County townships, and ...
    • Ralph D. Ward Papers, 1875-1960 

      Ward, Ralph; Ward, Ralph (2008-11-06)
      Mr. Ward was a North Dakota rancher and banker. The collection contains correspondence dealing chiefly with farming, ranching, legal and financial matters, land transactions, politics and banking; and biographical stories ...
    • Ralph D. Ward Photograph Collection 

      Ward, Ralph D.; Ward, Ralph D. (2008-10-31)
    • Ralph Diehl Papers, 1936-1993 

      Diehl, Ralph; Diehl, Ralph (2008-10-07)
      The Ralph Diehl Papers contain business records from his farm as well as records from the various agricultural organizations he was involved with. The collection contains records from Diehl's involvement in the Republican ...
    • Ralph Diehl Photograph Collection, 1890s-1980s 

      Diehl, Ralph; Diehl, Ralph (2008-10-31)
    • Ralph F. Gunkelman Papers 

      Gunkelman, Ralph F.; Gunkelman, Ralph F. (7/7/2016)
      Typewritten summaries of interviews with Gunkelman and his son, John L. Gunkelman; ms. histories concerning R.F. Gunkelman & Sons and the Gunkelman family by Gary Hedstrom and Christopher T. Bucholz; and clippings. Includes ...
    • Ralph Ferguson Photograph Collection 

      Ferguson, Ralph; Ferguson, Ralph (2008-10-31)
    • Ralph L. Miller Papers, 1954-1961 

      Miller, Ralph L.; Miller, Ralph L. (10/16/2012)
      Letter, and two interviews. First interview (3 leaves) with Leonard Sackett mentions Melville, N.D., a business partnership with his uncle, T.N. Putnam, Carrington & Casey farm lands, Peter Zink, an area pioneer, Melville ...
    • Ralph L. Miller, Fernando and Clara Alice Reimers interview, 1954 

      Reimers, Clara; Reimers, Fernando; Miller, Ralph L.; Reimers, Clara; Reimers, Fernando; Miller, Ralph L. (2013-11-26)
      Typed summary of interview with Fernando and Clara Alice Reimers and Ralph L. Miller concerning the Carrington & Casey Land Company, with mention of her parents, William and Georgia Walters, the hotel they managed in ...
    • Ralph Shanks Photograph Collection 

      Shanks, Ralph; Shanks, Ralph (2008-10-31)
    • Ralph T. Fulton Papers, 1907-1952 

      Fulton, Ralph T.; Fulton, Ralph T. (9/25/2012)
      Correspondence, chiefly from Asle J. Gronna, Louis B. Hanna, and John Burke; family history material; pamphlets and programs, of meetings of Synod of North Dakota, United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., United Society ...
    • Ralph W. Smith collection of papers, 1905, 1949-1953 

      Smith, Ralph W. (Ralph Waldo); Smith, Ralph W. (Ralph Waldo) (11/14/2012)
      Letters, brief genealogical material on the Smith and Sanborn families, a list of publications, primarily agricultural research, which he authored and co-authored, 1905 census of Antler, N.D. and a clipping.
    • Ranches and Ranching Photograph Collection 

      Ranches and Ranching Photograph Collection; Ranches and Ranching Photograph Collection (2008-10-31)