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    • Thresher’s Record Book 

      United States Bureau of Markets; United States Bureau of Markets (2015-04-08)
      Published booklet to be used by threshers to record grain threshed for farmers, although this particular booklet not used for that purpose. Some pages used for other farm financial notes, by unnamed person. Note on title ...
    • Thursday Homemakers’ Club records, 1955-2017 

      Thursday Homemakers’ Club; Thursday Homemakers’ Club
      The Homemakers’ Clubs started in North Dakota in the 1920’s through the North Dakota Agricultural College (now NDSU) Extension Service as a way to bring information on home economic issues to women throughout the state. ...
    • Tillie Konen and Edward Evenson Interview 

      Evenson, Edward; Konen, Tillie Evenson; Evenson, Edward; Konen, Tillie Evenson (2016-06-28)
      Typed original and corrected copy of an interview by Leonard Sackett with Tillie (Evenson) Konen and Edward Evenson. Interview concerning their parents leaving Norway, the site of the Grandin elevator where their father ...
    • Timothy J. Kloberdanz Paper 

      Kloberdanz, Timothy J.; Kloberdanz, Timothy J. (2016-06-22)
      Photocopy of typed final report prepared for the Ethnic Heritage and Language Schools Project, American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress. Coverage includes German Russia history, school environment, community, ...
    • Tollef Torgerson Collection 

      Torgerson, Tollef; Torgerson, Tollef (10/15/2015)
      Typed summary of interview (5 leaves) concerning the George S. Barnes farm. Includes mention of various hired men who worked with Torgerson, horses and cattle on the Barnes Farm, shipping horses to logging camps in northern ...
    • Tom Fricke Papers 

      Fricke, Tom; Fricke, Tom (2015-08-05)
      Copies of various publications by and about Tom Fricke pertaining to his career on ethnology studies regarding western North Dakota. Monographs include 'Studying West River: North Dakota Field Letters, 2000,' and 'Habits ...
    • Torfin A. Teigen Papers, circa 1970s 

      Teigen, Torfin; Teigen, Torfin (2013-06-26)
      Various fliers, published by Torfin Teigen, containing references to Fargo city government, city commission members, members of Congress, and letters.
    • “A tornado, the Pulitzer, and photojournalism at mid-century” 2016 

      Collins, Ross F.; Collins, Ross F. (2016-11-21)
      Three pages of typed discussion on photojournalism in the 1950s and the material Cal Olsen used to capture his photographs.
    • Tower City Records, 1884-1912 

      Tower City, ND; Tower City, ND (2015-12-31)
      This collection contains multiple records of Tower City from the years 1884 to1912. The records include assessor reports, tax ledgers, road records, and record books. The record books detail reports of the city, meeting ...
    • The Town Criers Club of Fargo, North Dakota Papers 1911 

      Town Criers Club of Fargo, North Dakota; Town Criers Club of Fargo, North Dakota (2015-05-19)
      The Town Criers Club of Fargo, North Dakota was organized in 1911. The purpose of the organization was to promote a high standard of truthful advertising. Includes the constitution, the articles of incorporation, ...
    • Traill County County Seat Court Case, 1884 

      Traill County County Seat Court Case, 1884; Traill County County Seat Court Case, 1884 (2015-05-19)
      The Traill County County Seat Case includes the testimony of the court case.
    • Travois Club Records, 1936-1974 

      Travois Club (Fargo, N.D.); Travois Club (Fargo, N.D.) (2009-10-15)
      The Travois Club of Fargo, N.D. was primarily a social organization for its members, though periodically it organized fundraisers and other such events. The records of the Travois Club detail the club’s activities from ...
    • Treadwell and Luther Twichell Papers, 1884-1945 

      Twichell, Luther; Twichell, Treadwell; Twichell, Luther; Twichell, Treadwell (2008-10-08)
      Brothers who both served in the North Dakota House of Representatives and Senate during the period 1895-1944.
    • Tri-College University Records, 1967-1988, (bulk 1969-1978) 

      Tri-College University; Tri-College University (2008-10-08)
      Incorporated in 1970 as a cooperative educational arrangement between North Dakota State University, Concordia College and Moorhead State University.
    • Tri-State Grain and Stock Growers Association Papers 1909-1924 

      Tri-State Grain and Stock Growers Association; Tri-State Grain and Stock Growers Association (2015-07-02)
      The Tri-State Grain and Stock Growers Association Papers consist of scrapbook pages from 1909-1924. They are primarily newspaper clippings about and programs of the annual convention.
    • Tri-State Grain and Stock Growers Association Women's Auxiliary meeting minutes Records 

      Tri-State Grain and Stock Growers Association. Women's Auxiliary; Tri-State Grain and Stock Growers Association. Women's Auxiliary (2015-11-19)
      Ledger containing annual meeting minutes and programs of the auxiliary which met for one day during the annual January meeting of the association (held in Fargo, N.D.), chiefly relating to farm home topics.
    • Turtle Mountain Indian Commission Report, 1892 

      United States. Turtle Mountain Indian Commission; United States. Turtle Mountain Indian Commission (2012-09-17)
      Photocopy of typed copy of the Commission's report, dated Dec. 3, 1892, to John W. Noble, Secretary of the Interior, concerning the 1892 negotiations with the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians in N.D. Report (25 ...
    • “Twist of Fate” by Michelle Schulz 

      Schulz, Michelle; Schulz, Michelle (4/8/2015)
      Term paper based on the 1974 abduction of Doyle Schulz, a North Dakota Highway patrolman. Patrolman Schulz, abducted in Fargo, N.D., by Lewis J. Myhre, was later released near the South Dakota border. The paper relates the ...
    • “Two ways to America from Germany” by Diana Deats paper, 1987? 

      Deats-O'Reilly, Diana; Deats-O'Reilly, Diana (7/26/2016)
      Partial biography of the Lauinger, Hahn, Zeigler families and their descendants in the Deats and Lancaster families. Documents primarily the family of Edward and Ethel (Lauinger) Hahn, German Russian immigrants who settled ...
    • U.S. Weather Service, Breckenridge and Moorhead Stations Records, 1872-1905, 1911-1919 

      U.S. Weather Service, Breckenridge and Moorhead Stations; U.S. Weather Service, Breckenridge and Moorhead Stations (2008-10-08)
      The records of the first weather service station in western Minnesota and one of the earliest in the nation.