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    • Emil Mecklenburg Papers 

      Mecklenburg, Emil; Mecklenburg, Emil (2016-07-20)
      Correspondence, typed summary of detailed interview (18 leaves) with Emil and Mary (Radovich) Mecklenburg concerning the Keystone Farm, its horses, the buildings, owner Robert Jones, seeding fields, cutting hay, fight ...
    • Emma Betsy Larson Poems 

      Larson, Emma Betsy; Larson, Emma Betsy (2015-12-07)
      Printed undated copies of her poems, "To the man of the rails," and "My church."
    • Emmaus Congregational Church records, Carson, North Dakota, 12 Dec. 1904-1970 

      Emmaus Congregational Church (Carson, N.D.); Emmaus Congregational Church (Carson, N.D.) (9/19/2012)
      Church record book listing the ministerial acts of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and deaths. All the original entries are in German with English translations in the back of the book. There is a listing by date of new ...
    • End Notes for Plains Folk, North Dakota’s Ethnic History, 1988 

      Plains Folk, North Dakota’s Ethnic History (End Notes); Plains Folk, North Dakota’s Ethnic History (End Notes) (2011-01-25)
    • Engvald Jacobson Collection 

      Jacobson, Engvald; Jacobson, Engvald (2015-11-05)
      Photocopy of typed transcription (5 leaves) of taped reminiscence (1964) concerning life in Norway, the family's decision to emigrate, building their house, rebuilding the barn, threshing, mail delivery to Daglum, N.D., ...
    • Enoch J. Efteland Family Records 

      Efteland, Josphine; Efteland, Josphine (12/2/2015)
      Family history (8 leaves) with genealogical information on this Norwegian immigrant family from Sogn, Norway who settled at Shelly, Minn. Includes letter of transmittal.
    • Equity Union Creameries Annual Reports Records 

      Equity Union Creameries; Equity Union Creameries (4/8/2015)
      Annual reports issued by the creameries for 1931, 1939, 1942-1943 and 1947 including balance sheets, auditor's reports and narrative.
    • Eric and Ellen Forslund interview, 1954. 

      Forslund, Ellen; Forslund, Eric; Forslund, Ellen; Forslund, Eric (2013-09-25)
      Typed summary of interview with Mr. and Mrs. Forslund concerning his life, especially on the Snake River Farm, and her experiences as a cook on the Snake River Farm.
    • Erie Public School District No. 52 Records 

      Unknown author (5/29/2015)
      Typed list of students by year from 1905 to 1965 who attended schools in the district. Handwritten on the side are the names of the teachers who taught each school, listed by year. Some student names have been crossed ...
    • Erling Rolfsrud Papers, 1939-1993 

      Rolfsrud, Erling (Second accession); Rolfsrud, Erling (Second accession) (2008-10-08)
      North Dakota native and prolific writer, especially of historical topics. This collection documents his entire career as an author and educator.
    • Erling Rolfsrud Papers, 1948-1968 

      Rolfsrud, Erling (First accession); Rolfsrud, Erling (First accession) (2008-11-07)
      North Dakota native and prolific writer, especially of historical topics. This collection documents his early literary works.
    • Ernest Brownson Family Records, 1851-1970 

      Brownson, Ernest; Brownson, Ernest (9/24/2012)
      Correspondence, including information relating to Brownson's professional and personal activities and his attendance at State Normal School, Valley City, N.D.; memorial to Lura Lavonia Perrine, college teacher, of Valley ...
    • Ernest R. and Gladys Groves Papers, 1917-1962 

      Groves, Ernest R.; Groves, Gladys; Groves, Ernest R.; Groves, Gladys (2008-10-07)
      Groves and his wife, Gladys Hoagland, were pioneer University of North Carolina educators in the areas of sex and marriage, and were writers on the American family.
    • “Estimates of the relative fire hazard for Fargo, N.D., Cass County” 

      Fisher, Walter I.; Fisher, Walter I. (2015-10-15)
      Annotated and updated copy of this publication, published by Walter I. Fisher, Minneapolis, Minn. in 1905, revised 1908, updated to 1911 with paper slips. It contains material on the fire department, water works, names of ...
    • Eugene J. Rolle Papers, 1860-1955 

      Rolle, Eugene J.; Rolle, Eugene J. (2008-10-08)
      Luxembourg native and one of the first to use insulin in the treatment of diabetes.
    • Eunice Radcliffe Collection, 1955-1961 

      Radcliffe, Eunice; Radcliffe, Eunice (7/25/2016)
      Typed summary of interview (8 leaves) done in 1955 with Eunice (Smyth) Radcliffe and her daughter, Helen (Radcliffe) Johnson, relating to the James Smyth family, the Radcliffe family, their move to a farm near Fargo, Tom ...
    • Eva K. Anglesburg Papers 

      Anglesburg, Eva; Anglesburg, Eva (2015-12-03)
      Correspondence with Institute staff, and a copy of her poem, How North Dakota became a prairie.
    • Eva Nelson Memoirs, 1914-1998 

      Nelson, Eva (Memoirs); Nelson, Eva (Memoirs) (2008-10-08)
      After teaching for thirty years in North Dakota, Eva Nelson wrote her memoirs, starting with her earliest recollections and continue in great detail until 1940. From 1940 to the late 1950s, she provides highlights of her ...
    • Eva Nelson Papers, 1909-1998 (bulk 1930-1998) 

      Nelson, Eva (Papers); Nelson, Eva (Papers) (2008-10-08)
      Includes Eva Nelson's diaries, letters and other documents used to write her memoirs (Mss 218) documenting her life and long teaching career in North Dakota.
    • Evan S. Tyler Papers, 1877-1919 

      Tyler, Evan S.; Tyler, Evan S. (2008-09-26)
      Fargo real estate agent responsible for the Park Board acquiring Oak Grove Park and the establishment of Island Park.