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    • Heart River Project Collection 

      Heart River Development Committee; Heart River Development Committee (2015-11-18)
      Article "Heart River project," by A.J. Dexter (5 p.), reprinted for Morton County news, and Heart River news (1946 issue) by the Heart River Development Committee.
    • Hegbert Anderson interview, 1954. 

      Anderson, Hegbert; Anderson, Hegbert (2013-09-24)
      Typed summary of interview with Leonard Sackett concerning working on the Jones Farm and the Belle Prairie Farm in Traill County.
    • Helping Hands Homemakers FCE Club Records, 1920s-1997 

      Helping Hands Homemakers FCE Club (Pierce County, N.D.); Helping Hands Homemakers FCE Club (Pierce County, N.D.) (2010-12-15)
      The Helping Hands Homemakers Club Records document the activities of this Pierce County club, organized in 1922, primarily through its annual secretary’s record books. There is a copy of a booklet of recipes compiled likely ...
    • Henri P. Fugl Papers 

      Fugl, Henri P.; Fugl, Henri P. (2015-12-29)
      The Henri P Fugl Papers consists of Henri’s diaries and papers. The majority of the collection is comprised of diaries written by Henri and papers the include meeting minutes from the Cleveland School District school board, ...
    • Henry C. Frojen Collection 

      Frojen, Henry C.; Frojen, Henry C. (11/5/2015)
      Correspondence and newspaper clippings, relating to Glover Farm, bonanza farm in Dickey and La Moure counties, N.D., and the Glover family; and biographical sketch of farm owner, Samuel Glover, originally of Delaware, Ohio. ...
    • Henry Lueg Collection 

      Lueg, Henry; Lueg, Henry (2015-11-25)
      Typed translations (49 leaves and 83 leaves) of Mr. Lueg's 1867 diary documenting a 77-member wagon train journey, organized by a Capt. P.B. Davy, from St. Cloud, Minn. to Helena, Mont. and then on to Portland, Ore., going ...
    • Henry P. Tracy Papers, 1921-1955 

      Tracy, Henry Phelps; Tracy, Henry Phelps (10/10/2012)
      Mimeographed copies of several newspaper articles and newspaper clippings by Hal Tracy and some by his father, J. Don Tracy, concerning pioneer life in North Dakota. Includes mention of hailstorms, the physical breakdown ...
    • Henry R. Martinson Papers, 1902-1961 

      Martinson, Henry R.; Martinson, Henry R. (2008-10-08)
      Socialist who joined the Nonpartisan League before beginning a career as a poet and movie consultant.
    • Henry V. Arnold Family Papers, 1903-1955 

      Arnold, Henry Vernon; Arnold, Henry Vernon (10/2/2012)
      Correspondence (1903-1934, 1946-1955) between Arnold and his nieces, biographical sketch, list of publications, and clippings. Includes information relating to the history of Larimore and nearby Bachelors Grove, Grand Forks ...
    • Herbert Emmons Collection 

      Emmons, Herbert; Sackett, Leonard; Emmons, Herbert; Sackett, Leonard (2015-10-16)
      Typed summary of interview (2 leaves) concerning his father Jonathan Emmons, a Civil War veteran who settled in Cass County. He was a carpenter, a timber cutter, and did threshing work. Includes a photostatic copy of his ...
    • Herbst Department Store Records, 1891-1979 

      Herbst Department Store; Herbst Department Store (2008-10-07)
      Started by Issac Herbst in 1891 as a dry goods store, Herbst's survived several fires and continually expanded with stores in Bismarck, Devils Lake, Jamestown and West Acres Shopping Center in Fargo in the 1970s. The store ...
    • Herman Deike collection, 1954-1965. 

      Deike, Herman; Deike, Herman (2013-08-26)
      Typed summary of interview (3 leaves) concerning the Fairview Farm, also known as the Adams Farm, which he and a group of Iowans purchased in 1920, and obituaries of Mr and Mrs. Deike.
    • Herman Eisenlohr Papers, 1912-1935 

      Eisenlohr, Herman; Eisenlohr, Herman (2008-10-07)
      Iowa native who became a Larimore, ND veterinarian and operated a livery stable and kept very detailed records regarding his business.
    • Herman F. Strehlow Papers, 1930-1959 

      Strehlow, Herman F.; Strehlow, Herman F. (9/26/2012)
      Correspondence, chiefly relating to North Dakota Firemen's Association, of which Strehlow was president, and Casselton Fire Dept.; typewritten "History of the Origin of the North Dakota Firemen's Association"; pamphlets; ...
    • Herman O. Fjelde Family Papers 

      Fjelde, Herman O.; Fjelde, Herman O. (2015-05-19)
      Norwegian American pioneer, of Abercrombie, N.D. Scrapbook pages, articles, clippings, and photos, relating to Fjelde and his wife, Fredrikke Fjelde; Minnesota sculptor Jacob Fjelde; family members, including Paul, Olaf ...
    • Hermann T. Leusch Papers, 1898-1954. 

      Leusch, Hermann T.; Leusch, Hermann T. (9/27/2012)
      Handwritten poetry and songs in German, naturalization certificate (1898), certificate for 5 shares of stock in Hoiland Manufacturing Co., Fargo, N.D. (1922), hospital bill (1925) from St. Lukes Hospitals, Fargo, N.D., ...
    • Herschel Lashkowitz Papers, 1919-1989 

      Lashkowitz, Herschel; Lashkowitz, Herschel (2010-05-25)
      The papers represent the political, mayoral and personal activities of Herschel Lashkowitz. The mayoral and City of Fargo files make up the bulk of the collection, and span from 1954 to 1974.
    • Hicks Family Papers, 1904, 1952-1955 

      Hicks Family; Hicks Family (11/9/2012)
      Homestead certificate (1904) of daughter Hannah, article entitled "Are small rural villages declining in North Dakota?" by Pearl I. Berg, a list of Haakon and Karin Hick's children with their birthdates, clippings of Hanna ...
    • Hill and Cuthbertson Families Papers, 1931, 1955-1960 

      Hill Family; Cuthbertson; Hill Family; Cuthbertson (11/1/2012)
      Typed summary of interview (1 leaf) with Alexander and Mae Hill Cuthbertson concerning his father, John Cuthbertson, who was born at Kilmarnock, Scotland, immigrated to Lucknow, Ontario, and moved to Absaraka, N.D. in 1882; ...
    • Historic documentation of 67 4th. Street North submitted in fulfillment of the programmatic agreement among the City of Fargo and North Dakota State Historic Preservation Officer, regarding the development of properties located at 67th. [sic] Street North & 69-71 North 4th. Street in Fargo, North Dakota 

      Faoro, Daniel L.; Faoro, Daniel L. (4/8/2015)
      Narrative of 67 4th. St. North, Fargo, ND 58102 / Marcia Halverson -- Photographic record / Daniel L. Faoro -- Measured drawings / Shelly Rother, [et al.]