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    • Herschel Lashkowitz Papers, 1919-1989 

      Lashkowitz, Herschel; Lashkowitz, Herschel (2010-05-25)
      The papers represent the political, mayoral and personal activities of Herschel Lashkowitz. The mayoral and City of Fargo files make up the bulk of the collection, and span from 1954 to 1974.
    • Hicks Family Papers, 1904, 1952-1955 

      Hicks Family; Hicks Family (11/9/2012)
      Homestead certificate (1904) of daughter Hannah, article entitled "Are small rural villages declining in North Dakota?" by Pearl I. Berg, a list of Haakon and Karin Hick's children with their birthdates, clippings of Hanna ...
    • Hill and Cuthbertson Families Papers, 1931, 1955-1960 

      Hill Family; Cuthbertson; Hill Family; Cuthbertson (11/1/2012)
      Typed summary of interview (1 leaf) with Alexander and Mae Hill Cuthbertson concerning his father, John Cuthbertson, who was born at Kilmarnock, Scotland, immigrated to Lucknow, Ontario, and moved to Absaraka, N.D. in 1882; ...
    • Historic documentation of 67 4th. Street North submitted in fulfillment of the programmatic agreement among the City of Fargo and North Dakota State Historic Preservation Officer, regarding the development of properties located at 67th. [sic] Street North & 69-71 North 4th. Street in Fargo, North Dakota 

      Faoro, Daniel L.; Faoro, Daniel L. (4/8/2015)
      Narrative of 67 4th. St. North, Fargo, ND 58102 / Marcia Halverson -- Photographic record / Daniel L. Faoro -- Measured drawings / Shelly Rother, [et al.]
    • Historical Sketch of First National Bank Paper 

      Samuelson, Jenna; Samuelson, Jenna (2015-10-15)
      Historical sketch of the First National Bank, Fargo, N.D., written for its centennial in 1978. Includes mention of bank founders, Newton K. Hubbard, Evan S. Tyler, and Samuel G. Roberts, rebuilding after the 1893 fire, ...
    • Historical Sketches of the Stoa Family Records 

      Stoa, T. E.; Stoa, Elling J.; Stoa, Ida Karine; Stoa, T. E.; Stoa, Elling J.; Stoa, Ida Karine (2015-11-25)
      Collection of three sketches written by his sons and second wife, Ida, concerning the Stoa family in Norway, immigrating to America, and life in America. Sketches are entitled: "Elling J. Stoa (1855-1921), an introduction ...
    • “History of August Landblom Family” by Myrtle Euren Challey 

      Challey, Myrtle Euren; Challey, Myrtle Euren (2016-07-19)
      Photocopy of a typed history of August (1846-1925) and Clara (Johnson) Landblom (1849-1918), Swedish immigrants who settled near Harwood, N.D. Includes mention of their immigration, settling along the Sheyenne River in ...
    • The history of banking in North Dakota / by W.C. Macfadden, 1934. 

      Macfadden, W. C. (William C.); Macfadden, W. C. (William C.) (2013-04-10)
      Copy of typescript history of the early banks in Dakota Territory, and including information on the Dakota Bankers Association and the North Dakota Bankers Association.
    • History of Divorce in Fargo, North Dakota in the 1890s Papers 

      Clarens, Rachel Anne; Clarens, Rachel Anne (2015-08-04)
      Data sheets Clarens prepared in analyzing divorces handled in Cass County District Court in Fargo, N.D. in the 1890s and a copy of her final paper, 'Fargo, North Dakota: An 1890s Divorce Mecca' completed in 2003.
    • History of K.G. Springen, [195-]. 

      Springen, Sophia; Springen, Sophia (4/5/2013)
      Typed biographical sketch of Knut Gunder Springen. Includes mention of traveling to N.D. in 1882, settling at Mayville, N.D., his banking interests in Mayville, and Northwood, N.D. and Montana, selling of horses, land, and ...
    • “History of my Family” Typed paper 

      Husband, Wilma; Husband, Wilma (2015-11-04)
      Original typed copy of term paper containing family history material on the Bernhoft and Husband families.
    • History of schools at Fort Yates, North Dakota 

      Rostvedt, Luella; Rostvedt, Luella (11/5/2015)
      Typed carbon copy of manuscript concerning the schools at Fort Yates, N.D. from 1877 through the 1940s. Includes two parts, the first entitled "History of education at Fort Yates, North Dakota" (6 leaves) which describes ...
    • “History of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Indian Reservation” by Fred Trende, date unknown 

      Trende, Fred; Robertson, William; Trende, Fred; Robertson, William (2016-07-21)
      Typescript concerning the Sisseton Wahpeton Reservation (Lake Traverse Indian Reservation). Includes mention of the agency's history, shipping supplies from Minnesota, blizzards, attitudes towards the Indians of agency ...
    • History of Wyndmere Collection 

      Johnson, Dr. Roy; Lindblom, John S.; Johnson, Dr. Roy; Lindblom, John S. (2015-11-19)
      Typed manuscript with first six leaves written by Roy M. Johnson on the early history of Wyndmere, N.D. The remainder is the reminiscences of John S. Lindblom written as of 1956 about history of and early life in Homestead ...
    • Hjalmar Nygaard Papers, 1954-1963 

      Nygaard, Hjalmar; Nygaard, Hjalmar (2008-10-08)
      U.S. Representative for North Dakota from 1961-1963.
    • Hollyhock Homemakers’ Club Records, 1950-1970 

      Hollyhock Homemakers’ Club; Hollyhock Homemakers’ Club (2014-03-19)
      The records of the Hollyhock Homemakers’ Club consists of the monthly meeting minutes for the meetings from September 1950 to September 1970. Records for 1953-1954 and 1958-1959 are not present.
    • Home Magazine [1972] index 

      Home Magazine; Home Magazine (2013-05-14)
      The Home Magazine was published by the Advertising Delivery Specialties, Inc. with Ken Promersberger as editor. The magazine featured real estate, events, and other articles of interest to the Fargo-Moorhead community.
    • Homer A. Northrop Family Papers, 1862-1967 

      Northrop, Homer A.; Northrop, Homer A. (9/26/2012)
      Civil War correspondence to Northrop's family (1864-1865); diary (1864) relating to his service with 149th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment near Atlanta, Ga.; land patents; history of Baldwin Township, Barnes County, ...
    • Homer E. Dixon Collection 

      Dixon, Homer E.; Dixon, Homer E. (2015-12-01)
      Letter, reminiscence on John Dalrymple, copy of play "Bridging the chasm," by Charles G. Carlson which takes place on a college campus (perhaps North Dakota Agricultural College), a historical pageant outline (2 leaves), ...
    • Honeymoon Souvenir Book and Reminiscences Records 

      Storhoff, Mildred; Storhoff, Harry Edwin; Storhoff, Mildred; Storhoff, Harry Edwin (2015-10-01)
      Reminiscence (4 pages) written by Mildred (Swenson) Storhoff regarding the honeymoon trip she and husband Harry Edwin (Eddie) Storhoff took October 15-26, 1944 from wedding at Zion Lutheran Church in Nome, N.D., then to ...