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    • Anna Chisholm Papers, 1892-1950 

      Chisholm, Anna; Chisholm, Anna (2008-10-07)
      The Anna Chisholm Papers document the life and travels of this long-time Fargo resident. Her diaries cover from 1939 to 1950 with an entry for almost every day relating her daily activities. The correspondence is primarily ...
    • Anna Dean Papers, circa 1910. 

      Dean, Anna; Dean, Anna (2012-09-13)
      Photocopy of a historical article written on the early settlers of the Keystone and Monango, N.D. area including Porter Township.
    • Anna Serum Interview, 1955-1956 

      Serum, Anna; Serum, Anna (3/15/2013)
      Typed summary of two interviews with Leonard Sackett. First interview (2 leaves) with Anna Serum mentions the death of her father, working for Rachel Holstrom, and some of the men employed at Grandin Farm. Second interview ...
    • Anna Sheidegger Papers, 1954 

      Scheidegger, Anna; Scheidegger, Anna (10/18/2012)
      Interview with Anna Scheidegger and her cousin, Adolph Oien, concerning her life. Includes her first job at the Ole Viker farm, working from 3 a.m. to midnight, cooking at Grandin No. 4 Farm near Halstad, Minn., John Wynan, ...
    • Anne A. Dwight Tyler Papers, 1879-1881, 1903-1944 

      Tyler, Annie Dwight; Tyler, Annie Dwight (2010-09-10)
      The Annie Dwight Tyler Powers document her business career particularly after her husband's death to include personal investment and financial records which give a very detailed look at her own business affairs from about ...
    • Anne O’Brien Papers 

      O'Brien, Anne; O'Brien, Anne (8/3/2015)
      Photocopy of typed transcription of Anne O'Brien's reminiscences of settling in Leroy and Olga, N.D. area in 1879. This item was originally printed in the Cavalier County democrat. It mentions their move to North Dakota, ...
    • Anne Walters Papers, 1910-1984 

      Walters, Anne; Walters, Anne (2008-10-08)
      A prized playwright and dramatist from Webster, North Dakota who wrote several full length plays and books. Includes her works 'Choice' which is the story of the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and 'I ...
    • Anton Orvik collection, 1954-1957. 

      Orvik, Anton; Orvik, Anton (2013-09-24)
      Born at Norman County, Minn. Wed Clara Gilbertson in 1908. Worked as foreman at Robineau Farms, Kelso, N.D., Clark Dalrymple and A.R. Dalrymple farms. Began farming for himself in 1927, moved to Halstad, Minn. in 1934.
    • Arlene Christianson Pickard Correspondence, 1952-1962 

      Pickard, Arlene Olive (Christianson); Pickard, Arlene Olive (Christianson) (12/31/2015)
      This collection primarily consists of letters sent by Arlene to her parents Orville And Gertrude Christianson while attending school. The collection entails letters sent from her years at Northwest School of Agriculture, ...
    • Arlys E. Thun Collection 

      Thun, Arlys Edman; Thun, Arlys Edman (11/4/2015)
      Typed copies of her article "The Red River Valley of the North," and her poem "The world of the Vikings." Articles includes very brief mention of her maternal grandparents coming to Marshall County, Minn., describes the ...
    • Arne and Josephine Gronbeck Interview 

      Gronbeck, Arne; Gronbeck, Josephine Vansgess; Sackett, Leonard; Gronbeck, Arne; Gronbeck, Josephine Vansgess; Sackett, Leonard (2015-10-16)
      Typed summary of interview (4 leaves) with corrections concerning his work on the Helendale Farm. Includes some mention of J.B. Powers, his son Allie, and Gronbeck's wife Josephine Vangsness Gronbeck who worked as nursemaid ...
    • Arthur E. Elwell Family Papers 

      Elwell, Arthur E.; Elwell, Arthur E. (2015-04-07)
      Interview (3 leaves) with Arthur and Lettie Elwell, concerning his father, Joseph Elwell, who managed the James C. Gill farm (1883-1897) near Wheatland, N.D., electrostatic copy of Joseph Elwell's birth certificate (1862), ...
    • Arthur E. Hedlund papers, 1915-1960 

      Hedlund, Arthur E.; Hedlund, Arthur E. (2014-08-08)
      Arthur E. Hedlund was born on November 18, 1888 in Fargo, North Dakota. On July 31, 1932, Hedlund married Alma M. Folvig. Hedlund was a mail carrier in Fargo from 1915 to 1955. He died on July 23, 1960.
    • Arthur G. Divet Papers, 1922-1950 

      Divet, Arthur Guy; Divet, Arthur Guy (9/17/2012)
      Pamphlet on the Brookside Farm at Wahpeton, N.D. owned by Mr. Divet and W.E. Purcell; and newspaper clippings, regarding his life and on "The Divet Story," published in the Fargo Forum newspaper in 1950.
    • Arthur J. Robinson Interview 

      Robinson, Arthur J.; Robinson, Arthur J. (6/23/2016)
      Short synopsis of interview with Leonard Sacket concerning the Schermerhorn Farm incorporated in 1929, located near Mahnomen, Minn.
    • Arthur O. and Selma “Sally” Eide Knold Letters, 1940 

      Knold, Author O.; Knold, Selma Annette Eide
      This collection contains letters mostly between Arthur and Sally, though there are a handful of letters to other people. The collection is in date order by the postmark on the envelopes. Many of the letters are written ...
    • “As I remember It”, the Iver Lund Reminiscence 

      Lund, Iver; Lund, Iver (2015-09-30)
      Reminiscence (20 leaves), likely written in 1998, by Iver Lund, who was born in 1918 the son of Christ and Kristine (Loken) Lund, documents his growing up on a farm at Zenith, N.D. near Belfield and attending Dickinson ...
    • Association of North Dakota Geographers Records, 1947-1981 

      Association of North Dakota Geographers; Association of North Dakota Geographers (2008-10-06)
      The Association was organized in 1947 to stimulate interest in geography in North Dakota and improve the teaching of geography.
    • Assumption Abbey newsletters and information, n.d. 

      Assumption Abbey; Assumption Abbey (2016-12-05)
      Includes two informational pamphlets about the abbey and one newsletter.
    • Aubrey Lawrence Papers, 1929-1953 

      Lawrence, Aubrey; Lawrence, Aubrey (2012-09-13)
      Correspondence, chiefly with Fargo, N.D., lawyer Herbert Nilles, relating to land owned with Henry F. Miller; and obituary.