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    • Peter T. Trana Records 

      Trana, Peter T; Trana, Peter T (2015-10-16)
      Peter Trana's Norwegian passport (1869) and character reference with an English translation, and pages from a scrapbook concerning the Trana family. Includes obituaries of family members and friends, colored drawings, ...
    • Phi Delta Kappa, Fargo-Moorhead Chapter Records, 1970-1984 

      Phi Delta Kappa. Fargo-Moorhead Chapter; Phi Delta Kappa. Fargo-Moorhead Chapter (2010-09-10)
    • Pierce County Council of Homemakers’ Clubs Records, 1958-1993 

      Pierce County Council of Homemakers’ Clubs; Pierce County Council of Homemakers’ Clubs (2010-12-15)
      The records of Pierce County Council of Homemakers’ Clubs, organized ca. 1958, document its activities particularly in the 1980s and early 1990s. They include the council’s constitution of 1958, listings of the clubs in ...
    • Plain Foods Co-op Records, 1975-2002 

      Plain Foods Co-op; Plain Foods Co-op (2009-12-18)
      The Plain Foods Co-op records document the activities of the store from 1975 to 2002, though the majority of the collection dates from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Although the collection consists of documents reflecting ...
    • Pleasant Valley School District No. 26 Records, 1902-1992 

      Pleasant Valley School District No. 26; Pleasant Valley School District No. 26
      The Pleasant Valley School District No. 26 records are organized into eight different series: Benson County Documents, Faculty Documentation, Curriculum, School Supplies, Correspondence, Blank Forms, Pleasant Valley Reunion, ...
    • Pokodot Cereal Company Collection 

      Pokodot Cereal Company; Pokodot Cereal Company (2015-09-02)
      Two booklets published by the company. 'Dollar seed and money crops' contains a history of the company, based in Fargo, N.D. with commentary on its product line Pokodot Pancake Flour and Breakfast Dwarfies. 'The Story of ...
    • Prairie Community Design Center Newsletters 

      Prairie Community Design Center; Prairie Community Design Center (11/17/2015)
      Copy of its newsletters, On the boards, and Prairie CDC newsletter. Newsletters describe the Center's purpose, its current and future projects in North Dakota and Moorhead, Minn. Includes staff news.
    • Prairie Community Foundation Records 

      Prairie Community Foundation; Prairie Community Foundation (8/3/2015)
      Records of group covering 1996 and including meeting minutes, bylaws, agendas, correspondence, and copies of its newsletter, Triangle Tribune, for March and April 1996 (vol. 1, nos. 1-2). There is also a copy of the first ...
    • Prairie Lesbian/Gay Community Records, 1979-1994 

      Prairie Lesbian/Gay Community; Prairie Lesbian/Gay Community (2008-10-08)
      Fargo-Moorhead organization founded to support gays and lesbians and to promote understanding and eliminate prejudice and discrimination.
    • Prairie Riders Saddle Club Scrapbook, 1970-1982 

      Prairie Riders Saddle Club (Rugby, N.D.); Prairie Riders Saddle Club (Rugby, N.D.) (2010-12-15)
    • Prairie Squares Records, 1962-2000; Crescent Squares Records, 1968-1982 

      Prairie Squares; Crescent Squares; Prairie Squares; Crescent Squares
      The Prairie Squares and Crescent Squares Records consist of instructional square dancing manuals and pamphlets, movement guides, historical magazines, local histories of North Dakota square dance clubs, meeting minutes, ...
    • Pratt Family Collection 

      Pratt, Robert Wesley; Pratt, Robert Wesley (7/20/2016)
      Two interviews concerning the Pratt family. First interview (9 leaves) with R.W. (Robert Wesley) Pratt and his wife, Anne (Margach) Pratt, concerns George and Mathilda (Dempsey) Pratt moving to N.D. in 1880 from Ontario, ...
    • Presbyterian Ladies Aid Society of Ayr, N.D Records 

      Presbyterian Ladies Aid Society of Ayr, N.D.; Presbyterian Ladies Aid Society of Ayr, N.D. (2015-10-15)
      Minutes and financial record book.
    • Professional Secretaries International, Red River Chapter Records, 1957-1990 

      Professional Secretaries International. Red River Chapter; Professional Secretaries International. Red River Chapter (2008-10-08)
      The main purpose of the organization is to recognize the need for continuing education for today's secretary. It encourages secretaries to become a Certified Professional Secretary, referred to as a CPS. The chapter records ...
    • "Profiles of the Residents of Grafton in Walsh County in 1885" and "Residents of Grafton, Walsh County, Recorded in the 1885 Territorial Census," Records, 2013 

      Loos, James; Loos, James
      James Loos complied data from the 1885 Dakota Territory census on Grafton, North Dakota and extrapolated data from it to look at the town as a whole but also the residents themselves and Walsh County.
    • Program for the Dedication of Pioneer Cemetery Marker, September 28, 1929 

      Daughters of the American Revolution, North Dakota State Society; Daughters of the American Revolution, North Dakota State Society (11/6/2012)
      Program for the dedication of the pioneer marker at the Mission of Holy Cross Cemetery, eight miles south of Fargo and the oldest in Cass County, N.D. Includes histories of the cemetery, home of Father Genin, Mission of ...
    • Prosper School District No. 23 records, 1884-1966. 

      Prosper School District No. 23 (Cass County, N.D.); Prosper School District No. 23 (Cass County, N.D.) (2015-05-29)
      The Prosper School District #23 Records cover 1892-1962. The miscellaneous records include school inventories, inspection records, and accreditation certificates. Other records include PTA minutes, Clerk’s Records, and ...
    • “Protest on the Red River” Oral History, 2015 

      Bauroth, Nicholas; Bauroth, Nicholas (2016-10-21)
      Spiral bound collection of oral histories for people on the Red River who were involved in the formation and subsequent leadership of the MnDak Upstream Coalition.
    • Prudence Gearey Sand Papers, 1918-1955 

      Sand, Prudence Gearey; Sand, Prudence Gearey (2008-10-08)
      Fargo native with long time association with the National League of American Pen Women. The Prudence Gearey Sand Papers consist, for the most part, of her poetry. The collection also contains a few essays by her, a collection ...
    • Psyche Gooden Papers, 1892-1931 

      Gooden, Psyche; Gooden, Psyche (2013-07-12)
      This collection consists primarily of correspondence between Psyche Gooden and her family members, mainly her daughter Norma. Also included are postcards, mostly to Psyche from various family members, invitations and ...