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    • Red River Valley Open Championship Collection 

      Unknown author (2015-12-08)
      Programs for 1930-1940 tennis tournaments and players roster for 1934 tournament, held in Fargo, N.D. and letter of transmittal. S.G. Mason of Fargo was chairman of tournament committee for some years.
    • Red River Valley Questers Records, 1985-2017 

      Red River Valley Questers; Red River Valley Questers
      The purpose of the Quester organization is to educate through research and study. The organization donates funds to the preservation of memorials and historic buildings, used for charitable and educational purposes. The ...
    • Red River Watercolor Society records, 1990-2009 

      Red River Watercolor Society; Red River Watercolor Society (2009-11-04)
      The records of the Red River Watercolor Society document the activities of the organization during its first fourteen years of operation.
    • Reed School District No. 3 records, 1878-1919. 

      Reed School District No. 3 (Cass County, N.D.); Reed School District No. 3 (Cass County, N.D.) (2015-05-29)
      Reed Township School District #3 Records consist of official records, correspondence, school census records, and teacher’s registers. Receipts include payment for items connected with the school including firewood, carpentry ...
    • Reed Township School District # 15 Records, 1884-1942 

      Reed Township School District # 15; Reed Township School District # 15 (2013-05-13)
      The Reed Township School District # 15 records are split into two series; Teachers Registers, and Clerks Records. The teachers registers consist of books that were used by the teacher of school district #15 for anything that ...
    • Reiland Sculpture Project Records, 1975-1978 

      Lindstrom, Vince; Lindstrom, Vince (3/15/2013)
      The papers consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence, including with Mr. Reiland, unsigned copy of the agreement for the construction of the sculpture, newspaper clippings, and the dedication program. Correspondents ...
    • Reminiscence of Bessie Schwartz 

      Schwartz, Rebecca "Bessie"; Schwartz, Rebecca "Bessie" (2015-11-19)
      Typed reminiscence of her life, including life in Romania, immigrating to Minneapolis, adapting to her new life, homesteading in N.D., her wedding, births of her children, marriages of her siblings and her children, life ...
    • Reminiscences of Caroline Cammerud 

      Cammerud, Caroline; Cammerud, Caroline (2015-04-07)
      Photocopy of typed recollection of homesteading on the Sisseton Indian Reservation (Lake Traverse Indian Reservation, N.D. and S.D.) when it was opened for settlement in 1892.
    • Reminiscences of the Early Eighties in Dakota Essay 

      Wehe, Della; Wehe, Della (2015-04-08)
      Typed reminiscences concerning her parents, Daniel and Cynthia Folger, who moved to Niagara, N.D. from Lockport, N.Y. Includes mention of native flowers and wildlife, early crops, blizzards, her father's trips to Larimore, ...
    • Research Records for Historical Architectural Survey of Bowman County, N.D., 1998 

      Isern, Thomas D. (Bowman County historical architecture research project); Isern, Thomas D. (Bowman County historical architecture research project) (2009-06-04)
    • Research Records for Strategic Survey of Historic Properties, Buffalo, North Dakota, 2001-2002 

      Isern, Thomas D. (Strategic Survey of Historic Properties, Buffalo, North Dakota); Isern, Thomas D. (Strategic Survey of Historic Properties, Buffalo, North Dakota) (2010-11-18)
      The research records of NDSU Professor of History Thomas Isern consist of surveys of the historic properties of Buffalo, N.D. in 2001-2002. These architectural analyses consist of photos, maps, and reports. In addition to ...
    • Research Records for Wrought Iron Cross Cemeteries in North Dakota - Continuing Survey, 1998-1999 

      Isern, Thomas D. (Wrought iron cross cemeteries research project); Isern, Thomas D. (Wrought iron cross cemeteries research project) (2009-02-24)
    • Reverend Holie Day Books 

      Holie, Rasmus Martinus Steffenson; Holie, Rasmus Martinus Steffenson (2012-05-17)
      The “Day Books” of Reverend R.M. Holie are each an eclectic mix of weekly planners, journals and financial ledgers, from 1897-1941 (gaps). They include his service in Milnor, ND, Reeder, ND, and Minneapolis, MN.
    • Review of Pioneering during the Opening of the Midwest Plains by L.M. Puffer Records 

      Puffer, L. M.; Puffer, L. M. (2015-11-30)
      Typed reminiscence of pioneering days in Dickey County, N.D. of the Puffer family, who came to Port Emma Township, Dickey County, N.D. from Wisconsin in 1883. Mentions Ellendale, N.D., a brother M.H. (Myron Henry), various ...
    • Rich Valley Homemakers Club Records, 1928-1969 

      Rich Valley Homemakers Club (Esmond, N.D.); Rich Valley Homemakers Club (Esmond, N.D.) (2008-11-07)
      The Rich Valley Homemakers Club records document the activities of this club established at Esmond, N.D., to include program booklets, correspondence, secretary's record books, major project record books, and subject files.
    • Richard A. Fitzpatrick Interview, 1955 

      Fitzpatrick, Richard Adam; Fitzpatrick, Richard Adam (11/28/2012)
      Typed summary of interview with Leonard Sackett concerning the Reid Farm and the Humboldt Farm.
    • Richard Critchfield Papers, 1953-1986 

      Critchfield, Richard (first accession); Critchfield, Richard (first accession) (2008-10-07)
      North Dakota native who enjoyed a successful career as a journalist and author covering the Third World. This collection is primarily drafts for his widely acclaimed book Those Days: An American Album that documents his ...
    • Richard Critchfield Papers, 1954-1994 

      Critchfield, Richard (second accession); Critchfield, Richard (second accession) (2008-10-07)
      Second donation of Critchfield's papers. It includes many of his published articles as well as drafts for many of his other books including Villagers.
    • Richard H. Hankinson Collection 

      Hankinson, Richard H.; Hankinson, Richard H. (10/1/2015)
      Senior paper by Vernon Quam, North Dakota State University student, on the life of Col. Hankinson, with mention of his Civil War service, his farm in Richland County (N.D.), and his involvement with Northwestern Telegraph ...
    • Richard Kloubec papers, 1972-1993 

      Kloubec, Richard; Kloubec, Richard (2015-06-17)
      The collection is divided into four series; Personal, Political, Newspapers, and Publications. The Personal Series contains certificates for Kloubec’s nominations and elections, personal correspondence, and documents ...