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    • Robert M. Pollock Papers, 1880-1914 

      Pollock, Robert M.; Pollock, Robert M. (2008-10-08)
      Present at the Constitutional Convention in 1889 and authored the prohibition clause and helped to fight the Louisana Lottery.
    • Robert S. Saunders Reminiscences 

      Saunders, Robert S.; Saunders, Robert S. (2015-06-09)
      Pages 122-131 of typescript of Saunders reminiscences. These pages deal with his time in North Dakota in 1915, a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblie). Places mentioned include Oaks, Jamestown, Carrington, ...
    • Robert Shanks Scrapbooks 

      Shanks, Robert Gordon; Shanks, Robert Gordon (8/5/2015)
      Scrapbook of newspaper clippings documenting the baseball career of Robert "Ralph" Shanks while with the Fargo Athletics in 1922 and the Moorhead Athletics in 1923 and one clipping from 1928 when playing with the Fargo-Moorhead ...
    • Robert W. Hovda Papers, 1936-1959 

      Hovda, Robert; Hovda, Robert (2008-10-07)
      During World War II, Father Hovda was a conscientious objector serving in the Civilian Public Service Camp.
    • Rodney Nelson Papers, 1957-2001 

      Nelson, Rodney (Second accession); Nelson, Rodney (Second accession) (2008-10-08)
      Additional manuscripts, correspondence documenting the literary career of Fargo native.
    • Rodney Nelson Papers, 1971-1990 

      Nelson, Rodney (First accession); Nelson, Rodney (First accession) (2008-10-08)
      Fargo, North Dakota native who served as editor for Dakota Arts Quarterly and published a number of literary works.
    • Roger Maris Collection 

      Maris, Roger; Maris, Roger (2015-11-25)
      Newspaper clippings, articles and programs documenting his baseball career, including several items on the Maris exhibit at West Acres Shopping Center in Fargo and funeral card.
    • Rolly Hogue's Lawrence Welk Collection, 1958-1992 

      Hogue, Rolly and Pat; Hogue, Rolly and Pat (10/18/2010)
      The Rolly and Pat Hogue Lawrence Welk Collection documents the close friendship between the Hogues and Lawrence Welk as well as the Hogue’s making of arrangements for Welk for his visits back to North Dakota. The collection ...
    • Rosebud 4-H Club (Casselton, N.D.) Records, 1935-1992 

      Rosebud 4-H Club (Casselton, N.D.); Rosebud 4-H Club (Casselton, N.D.) (2008-11-06)
      The Rosebud 4-H Club of Casselton, ND was founded in 1935 as a home economics club. The collection contains the treasurer's and secretary's records and also a scrapbook for the club's 50th Anniversary.
    • Round Table (Fargo, N.D.) Records, 1897-1992 

      Round Table (Fargo, N.D.); Round Table (Fargo, N.D.) (2008-10-08)
      It was a study group that provided women with an opportunity to come together and explore various historical subjects. The purpose of the club, as stated in the constitution, was to widen women's outlooks, to keep them ...
    • Round Table of Fargo Records, 1897-2007 

      Round Table of Fargo Records; Round Table of Fargo Records
      The Round Table of Fargo formed in 1897 as a women’s literary club. In 1897 several women met to organize the Fargo Literary Club, there were two other older literary clubs in Fargo at the time, so after a few weeks the ...
    • Roy P. Johnson Papers, 1870-1969 

      Johnson, Roy P.; Johnson, Roy P. (2008-10-08)
      Local newspaper man who collected articles and wrote articles on different events and people significant to North Dakota and western Minnesota.
    • Roy P. Johnson’s Fort Abercrombie research collection, 1960-1961. 

      Johnson, Roy P.; Johnson, Roy P. (2/22/2013)
      Correspondence; and research notes dealing with Fort Abercrombie. Also includes typed and handwritten transcripts of the post returns from 1858 to 1876.
    • Roy W. Johnston Interview, 1956-1957 

      Johnston, Roy W.; Johnston, Roy W. (2013-06-26)
      Typed summary of interview (3 leaves) with Leonard Sackett concerning his father, Edward Johnston, an Irish emigrant who worked as a foreman on the Grandin Farm, Von Steinwehr Farm, and McClain Farm, and obituary of Roy. ...
    • Royal Corinne Homemakers’ Club Records, 1966-2002 

      Royal Corinne Homemakers’ Club; Royal Corinne Homemakers’ Club
      The Royal Corinne Homemakers’ Club in Stutsman County was first organized in 1923 in cooperation with the Extension Division of NDSU and the Department of Agriculture in making information about homemaking available to as ...
    • Rufus Fleming Papers, 1881-1900 

      Fleming, Rufus; Fleming, Rufus (2008-10-07)
      Ohio native who came to Dakota Territory in 1881 and became a bonanza farmer near Wheatland, ND and active Fargo Mason.
    • Rush River School District No. 63 Teacher's Register, 1919-1923 

      Rush River School District No. 63 (Cass County, N.D.); Rush River School District No. 63 (Cass County, N.D.) (2012-09-11)
      The school located in southeastern Gunkle Township of Cass County, N.D. The register lists students in attendance, teachers, daily program, textbooks used, library books, student exam scores, and visitors; covers 1919-1923 ...
    • Russell D. Chase Papers, 1954-1956, 1963 

      Chase, Russell D.; Chase, Russell D. (12/5/2012)
      Typed summary of interview (4 leaves) with Leonard Sackett concerning the Carrington & Casey Land Company, law partner George Thorpe, and obituaries of Mr. and Mrs. Chase.
    • Russell Duncan – Anna Mohagen Family History 

      Duncan, Russell; Duncan, Amman Marie Mohagen; Duncan, Russell; Duncan, Amman Marie Mohagen (2015-09-30)
      Photocopy of handwritten genealogy of the Duncan and Mohagen families with autobiographies of Russell (born William Russell Duncan) and Anna Mohagen Duncan.
    • Ruth L. Haug collection of papers, 1914-1962. 

      Haug, Ruth L.; Haug, Ruth L. (2013-11-26)
      Letter from Mrs. Haug; typed and handwritten copies of "Early experiences in the Mouse River Loop," by Mrs. Haug, concerning her homesteading and teaching experiences; "A history of the Congregational Church of Deering"; ...