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    • Myron Sommerfeld and the Bon Bon Brass Collection 

      Sommerfeld, Myron; Sommerfeld, Myron (10/15/2015)
      Newspaper clippings, brochure, and picture postcard of band members. Clippings give a brief history of the band, originally formed in 1929 by Rhieny Sommerfeld, under the name "The Red Jackets."
    • Tollef Torgerson Collection 

      Torgerson, Tollef; Torgerson, Tollef (10/15/2015)
      Typed summary of interview (5 leaves) concerning the George S. Barnes farm. Includes mention of various hired men who worked with Torgerson, horses and cattle on the Barnes Farm, shipping horses to logging camps in northern ...
    • Thomas H. Canfield Papers, 1950, 1954 

      Canfield, Thomas Hawley; Canfield, Thomas Hawley (10/16/2012)
      Letter from son Thomas Canfield, Jr. to Leonard Sackett, illustrated sale brochure on the Canfield farm near Lake Park, Minn., a typed, incomplete biographical piece (1 leaf) entitled When North Dakota's capitol city, ...
    • J. Hollis Gale Family Papers, 1880-1971 

      Gale, J. Hollis (Josiah Hollis); Gale, J. Hollis (Josiah Hollis) (10/16/2012)
      Correspondence and summary of interview (10 p.) with Gale's son, Harry F. Gale, relating to J. Hollis Gale's life, family affairs, and early pioneers of Cass County, N.D., and Moorhead, Minn., including James Holes and ...
    • Ole Jordet Papers, 1954-1955 

      Jordet, Ole; Jordet, Ole (10/16/2012)
      Typed summary and corrected carbon copy of interview (4 leaves) with Jordet and daughter Caroline Jordet Hatlen concerning his life in North Dakota. Includes obituary of son Albert Jordet.
    • Ralph L. Miller Papers, 1954-1961 

      Miller, Ralph L.; Miller, Ralph L. (10/16/2012)
      Letter, and two interviews. First interview (3 leaves) with Leonard Sackett mentions Melville, N.D., a business partnership with his uncle, T.N. Putnam, Carrington & Casey farm lands, Peter Zink, an area pioneer, Melville ...
    • Peder C. Pederson Family Papers, 1893-1918 

      Pederson, Peder C.; Pederson, Peder C. (10/16/2012)
      State of Minnesota certificates (1893, 1902) certifying Pederson as a trained steam engine operator, and newspaper clippings which includes an article on the Hemnaes Lutheran Congregation of Christine, N.D. and on Anna ...
    • Catholic Diocese of Fargo Historical Survey Sheets, 1908 

      Catholic Church. Diocese of Fargo; Catholic Church. Diocese of Fargo (10/18/2010)
    • Rolly Hogue's Lawrence Welk Collection, 1958-1992 

      Hogue, Rolly and Pat; Hogue, Rolly and Pat (10/18/2010)
      The Rolly and Pat Hogue Lawrence Welk Collection documents the close friendship between the Hogues and Lawrence Welk as well as the Hogue’s making of arrangements for Welk for his visits back to North Dakota. The collection ...
    • Lawrence Welk Sheet Music Collection, 1919-1966 

      Lawrence Welk Sheet Music Collection; Lawrence Welk Sheet Music Collection (10/18/2010)
      The Lawrence Welk Sheet Music Collection includes single sheet music titles and a number of music books that either feature Lawrence Welk or members of his musical family on the cover or were composed and published by them. ...
    • William W. Warren Family Papers, 1953-1954 

      Warren, W. W. (William Webster); Warren, W. W. (William Webster) (10/18/2012)
      Correspondence with Lottie (Warren) Johnson, concerning W.W. Warren, her grandfather, and Fred Warren, his son and Lottie's father. Also includes a letter from Elling H. Lee whose sister Bertha married Fred Warren in 1884. ...
    • Anna Sheidegger Papers, 1954 

      Scheidegger, Anna; Scheidegger, Anna (10/18/2012)
      Interview with Anna Scheidegger and her cousin, Adolph Oien, concerning her life. Includes her first job at the Ole Viker farm, working from 3 a.m. to midnight, cooking at Grandin No. 4 Farm near Halstad, Minn., John Wynan, ...
    • Charles Bohnsack Papers, 1859-1957 

      Bohnsack, Charles; Bohnsack, Charles (10/18/2012)
      Typed summary of interview (10 leaves) with Leonard Sackett concerning the Grandin farms where Bohnsack worked, his early life, and clippings about him, his children, and their farmland. FOLDER
    • Henry V. Arnold Family Papers, 1903-1955 

      Arnold, Henry Vernon; Arnold, Henry Vernon (10/2/2012)
      Correspondence (1903-1934, 1946-1955) between Arnold and his nieces, biographical sketch, list of publications, and clippings. Includes information relating to the history of Larimore and nearby Bachelors Grove, Grand Forks ...
    • John Moses Papers, 1939-1945, 1967 

      Moses, John; Moses, John (10/2/2012)
      Address (1944) in Fargo at a naturalization ceremony, 1939 inaugural program, biographical sketch by Harold S. Pond, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings.
    • William Keating Family Papers, 1925-1963 

      Keating, William; Keating, William (10/2/2012)
      Correspondence, interviews with sons, John and Peter Keating, and sketches, chiefly relating to Dwight Farm, large bonanza farm in Richland and Steele counties, N.D., owned by Dwight Farm & Land Co., with whom Keating was ...
    • Frank D. Stone Papers, 1892, 1954-1955 

      Stone, Frank D.; Stone, Frank D. (10/2/2012)
      Correspondence, including a photostatic copy of a letter dated July 8, 1892 to his father, Byron N. Stone, from J.F. Downing, concerning the naming of Byron's baby boy. Also includes a newspaper clipping.
    • James A. Trudell Papers, 1924, 1955, 1967 

      Trudell, James A.; Trudell, James A. (10/2/2012)
      Typed summary of interview (3 leaves) with James and Susanna (Chernich) Trudell. Concerns various people in the Mooreton, N.D. area, including brief mention of her father, Michael Chernich, an Austrian immigrant and early ...
    • Gerald P. Nye Papers, 1935-1973 

      Nye, Gerald P.; Nye, Gerald P. (10/2/2012)
      Correspondence, term paper by Mark Steven Anderson, speeches, newspaper clippings, and articles, relating to Nye and his career as editor of Griggs County Sentinel-Courier and activities in the U.S. Senate.
    • Carl Ben Eielson Papers, 1924-1986 

      Eielson, Carl Benjamin; Eielson, Carl Benjamin (10/4/2012)
      Pamphlets and newspaper clippings documenting his life, aviation career carrying mail, machinery, passengers, and doctors to remote parts of Alaska, exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic by air, death in a plane crash, ...