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    • A. G. Holstrom collection, 1953-1954. 

      Holstrom, A. G. (Aaron G.); Holstrom, A. G. (Aaron G.) (12/4/2012)
      Typed summaries of three detailed interviews. One interview (7 leaves) with Rachel Holstrom, widow of A.G., mentions her life at Grandin Farm No. 1, their servants, entertaining the Grandins, and winter vacations in ...
    • Aagot Raaen Papers, 1798-1957 (bulk 1890-1957) 

      Raaen, Aagot (Mss 177); Raaen, Aagot (Mss 177) (2008-10-08)
      The Aagot Raaen Papers consist of photocopies of the original papers at the Hatton-Eielson Museum and Historical Association, copied with their permission. Her diaries from Sept. 1939 to Sept. 1941 are very detailed, ...
    • Aagot Raaen Papers, 1915-1953 

      Raaen, Aagot (Mss 8); Raaen, Aagot (Mss 8) (2008-10-08)
      The Aagot Raaen Papers contain research material and manuscripts for her book "Grass of the Earth", correspondence including letters sent to the teachers and school officers by Miss Raaen while she was the Superintendent ...
    • Aaron R. Russell Papers, 1880-1967 

      Russell, Aaron R.; Russell, Aaron R. (9/25/2012)
      Correspondence, and copies of several personal reminiscences including an 1884 trip to Egypt to pilot a boat up the Nile River to relieve General Gordon's British troops and his autobiography "Memories and life of A.R. ...
    • Abstracts and Indexes to Ransom County Trust Company (Sheldon, N.D.) Case Files 

      Ransom County Trust Company (Sheldon, N.D.)- Abstracts and Indexes; Ransom County Trust Company (Sheldon, N.D.)- Abstracts and Indexes (2011-08-18)
      The Ransom County Trust Company Business Case File abstracts written by Rev. A.A.A. Schmirler are an invaluable research tool in using this collection. Although they only cover roughly half of all the business case files, ...
    • Ada Claire Bergan Papers 

      Bergan, Ada Claire (Bownson); Bergan, Ada Claire (Bownson) (2015-05-27)
      Typescript of reminiscence written by Mrs. Bergan and dated 1982. It includes descendants and ancestors listing. Also includes update compiled by Junior Palmer, son-in-law, on her life.
    • Adam Haman Family Collection 

      Haman, Frank; Haman Family; Haman, Frank; Haman Family (4/8/2015)
      Typed biographical sketch of the Adam Haman family (two versions) written in the 1970s, genealogical listing of descendants of son Peter & Magdalena (Jaeger) Haman, (1979?); reminiscences (6 leaves) by son Frank Haman ...
    • Aden S. Pratt Collection 

      Pratt, Aden S.; Pratt, Aden S. (2015-11-17)
      Photocopy of letter (March 15, 1897) by Mr. Pratt to relatives in Michigan concerning the winter of 1897 and pioneer life in N.D.; photocopy of two photographs, one of Aden S. Pratt and his wife, the other of their three ...
    • Adolph Ed Seaburg Collection 

      Seaburg, Adolph Edward; Seaburg, Adolph Edward (2015-11-19)
      Correspondence relating to Willis H. Downs, of Jamestown, N.D., Downs's activities with North Dakota Volunteers, 1st Infantry Regiment, Company H, in the Philippines during the Spanish American War, and his receipt of the ...
    • Aero Club of Hatton Records 

      Aero Club of Hatton; Aero Club of Hatton (4/6/2015)
      Brochure advertising its exhibition flights and includes two photographs of biplanes and of Carl Ben Eielson. On back is list of club officers, Edward Nyhus, C.D. Mastrud, G.M. Olson, T.B. Stevens and D.L. Wambheim. It ...
    • Agassiz Garden Club Records, 1954-1991 

      Agassiz Garden Club (N.D.); Agassiz Garden Club (N.D.) (2008-09-26)
      The club, organized in 1954 and located northeastern North Dakota, is devoted to garden interests, especially the Pioneer Memorial Gardens at Homme Recreation Area in Walsh County, N.D. The club records include Constitution ...
    • Agassiz Women’s Political Caucus records, 1983-1984 

      Agassiz Women's Political Caucus; Agassiz Women's Political Caucus
      This collection focuses on the Agassiz Women’s Political Caucus. This group is a bipartisan women’s organization, devoted to women’s representation in the State and National public office. The organization helped to nominate ...
    • Agnes Bishop Jardine Papers, 1920-1939 

      Jardine, Agnes Bishop; Jardine, Agnes Bishop (2008-10-08)
      North Dakotan deeply involved in music clubs on the local and national levels and served as President of the National Federation of Music Clubs.
    • Alan W. Rice Papers 

      Rice, Alan W.; Sackett, Leonard; Rice, Alan W.; Sackett, Leonard (2015-07-29)
      Letter with biographical information on Thomas M. Walker, typed summary of interview (7 leaves) with Leonard Sackett, concerning Thomas Walker and his family who lived near Grandin, N.D. Includes a biographical sketch of ...
    • Alanson W. Edwards Family Collection, 1900, 1950 

      Edwards, Alanson W; Edwards, Alanson W (2012-09-17)
      Photocopies of typed reminiscences by daughter Marie Belknap (25 leaves) and son John (9 leaves) of life in early Fargo. Also included is a typed photocopy of clipping on the William R. Edwards (son of Major Edwards) and ...
    • Albert A. A. Schmirler Collection, 1938-1982 

      Schmirler, Albert A. A.; Schmirler, Albert A. A. (7/27/2016)
      Incomplete typed carbon copy of his article "Two Indian missions in Bishop Muench's diocese," (8 leaves) concerning two Catholic missions in N.D.: Little Flower, located on the Fort Totten Indian Reservation, and St. Ann's, ...
    • Albert Anderson Papers 

      Anderson, Albert; Anderson, Albert (2015-11-24)
      Correspondence including two letters from John L. Grandin, typed summary of interview (7 leaves) with Leonard Sackett concerning his life, the Grandin farms, John Wyman, and W.H. Leazenby of St. Joseph, Mo., letters from ...
    • Albert Hallenberg Scrapbook, 1900-1940 

      Hallenberg, Albert; Hallenberg, Albert (2008-10-07)
      Fargo native. Scrapbook documenting his long time Fargo dentistry practice and activity in national dentistry organizations and local affairs.
    • Albert Herberg Collection 

      Herberg, Albert; Herberg, Albert (2016-06-20)
      Typed summary of detailed interview (20 leaves) with Leonard Sackett concerning his father, John Michael Thomassohn Herberg, early Norwegian immigrant settler, Grandin Farms, steamboat "Grandin", grain elevators, farm ...