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    • L.R. Waldron papers, 1991 

      Waldron, Lawrence Root; smith, Glenn Sanborn; Waldron, Lawrence Root; smith, Glenn Sanborn (7/27/2016)
      Typed excerpts and notes taken from the L.R. Waldron's diaries and annual reports documenting research at North Dakota Agricultural College and his personal life. The computer indexes are divided into seven areas: Crops, ...
    • Lake Agassiz Arts Council Records, 1968-1998 

      Lake Agassiz Arts Council; Lake Agassiz Arts Council (2008-10-08)
      Created to promote the arts in the Fargo-Moorhead community and administer a granting program.
    • The Lambs of Christ 60 Minutes Segment Transcript 

      60 Minutes (Television Program); 60 Minutes (Television Program) (4/6/2015)
      Transcript relating to the protest against the Women’s Health Organization in Fargo, North Dakota. This segment is part of 60 minutes, Vol. 24, no. 20.
    • Larry Woiwode Collection 

      Woiwode, Larry; Woiwode, Larry (10/15/2015)
      Mss. of poems, copies of published short stories, typewritten and autographed collection of poems entitled "Even Tide" given to John and Sylvia Hove (1971), newspaper clippings, and other papers.
    • Lars Anderson Interview, 1954 

      Anderson, Lars; Anderson, Lars (3/8/2013)
      Typed summary of an interview with Leonard Sackett concerning James B. Power, the Helendale Farm and its operations, buildings, livestock, Power's son Allie and his banking career, as well as Mr. Anderson's obituary.
    • Lars Bernhardson Papers, 1939 

      Bernhardson, Lars; Bernhardson, Lars (2016-07-25)
      Consists primarily of two handwritten reminiscences by Mr. Bernhardson about his parents and their pioneer life near Comstock, Minn., as well as his own life. They are titled "Pioneer life of early settlement in the Red ...
    • Lars Henry Larson Collection 

      Larson, Lars Henry; Larson, Lars Henry (2015-06-09)
      Letter from granddaughter, Mrs. Wallace Onsgard, her biographical sketch of Lars Henry Larson, entitled "My heritage," (1 leaf), and interview with Henry C. Larson concerning his father, Lars Henry, working on the Grandin ...
    • Lauga Geir Collection 

      Geir, Lauga; Geir, Lauga (2015-11-30)
      Letters, program, and text of her pageant, "Expressions of Icelandic heritage in Pembina County," and newspaper clippings.
    • Lavinius S. Hurd Collection 

      Hurd, Lavinius S.; Hurd, Lavinius S. (2015-12-01)
      Various land deeds and receipts for land in North Dakota and elsewhere, handwritten note (1964) from Mrs. S.F. Pinkham, Minneapolis to Gertrude Hoag, Fargo, N.D., with some personal information on Hurd. One promissory note ...
    • Lawrence Dougherty Family Biography Sketch, [193-?] 

      Dougherty, Lawrence; Dougherty, Lawrence (9/20/2012)
      Photocopy of biographical sketch of the Dougherty family homesteading in Dakota, arriving in 1882. Includes mention of Bartlett, Harrisburg, Wamduska, N.D. and freight hauling between Larimore and Fort Totten.
    • Lawrence Root Waldron Papers, 1901-1954 

      Waldron, Lawrence Root; Waldron, Lawrence Root (2008-10-08)
      Waldron was a North Dakota Agricultural College wheat breeder. The collection includes several letters, articles by and about Waldron, list of his publications, newspaper clippings, speeches, pedigree of North Dakota No. ...
    • Lawrence Welk Scrapbooks Collection, 1938-1981 

      Lawrence Welk Scrapbooks Collection; Lawrence Welk Scrapbooks Collection (2010-10-18)
      The Lawrence Welk Scrapbook Collection is perhaps the single, most comprehensive collection documenting the career of Lawrence Welk from 1938 to 1981. However there is a significant gap between 1943 and 1950 and also ...
    • Lawrence Welk Sheet Music Collection, 1919-1966 

      Lawrence Welk Sheet Music Collection; Lawrence Welk Sheet Music Collection (10/18/2010)
      The Lawrence Welk Sheet Music Collection includes single sheet music titles and a number of music books that either feature Lawrence Welk or members of his musical family on the cover or were composed and published by them. ...
    • Lawrence Welk Show Performers Letters, 1972-1992 

      Brechtel, Elmira; Brechtel, Elmira (2010-10-18)
      The Elmira Brechtel Collection consists of correspondence from performers with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra sent to Ms. Brechtel in response to letters and cards that she sent to various members of the Lawrence Welk Show. ...
    • League of Women Voters of Fargo Records, 1951-2001 

      League of Women Voters of Fargo; League of Women Voters of Fargo (3/17/2010)
      The purpose of the league, organized in 1951 at Fargo, N.D. is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government. The records document the activities of the organization ...
    • Leon Durocher Papers, 1923 

      Durocher, Leon; Durocher, Leon (9/27/2012)
      Chiefly correspondence to and from Durocher, district secretary of Socialist Party of America, relating to party matters in North Dakota; and miscellaneous material.
    • Leon Wheeler Reminiscences 

      Wheeler, Leon S.; Wheeler, Leon S. (2015-12-09)
      Copy of his typed reminiscence concerning the coal mine he developed with Norbert Thull in Climax Township, Williams County, N.D. Includes detailed description of digging the mine shaft, the mine's interior, an accident ...
    • Leonard Peltier Collection, 1981-1983, 2007-2009 

      Peltier, Leonard; Peltier, Leonard (9/27/2012)
      Various pamphlets and newspaper clippings, issued by the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee of Rapid City, S.D., that maintain Peltier's innocence, allege wrongful extradition, contain references to the deaths of other AIM ...
    • Leroy V. Smith Collection 

      Smith, Leroy V; Smith, Leroy V (2015-11-05)
      Correspondence and a typed carbon copy of a biographical sketch (4 leaves) of V.M. Smith, Leroy's father, who moved from Vermont to Marshall, Minn. to N.D. and purchased Antelope Farm from Hugh Moore. Includes mention of ...
    • Leslie N. Putnam Collection 

      Putnam, Leslie N.; Putnam, Leslie N. (2016-07-18)
      Typed summary of first interview (3 leaves) with Leonard Sackett concerning the Putnam family and their lumberyard business. Mentions Ralph L. Miller, business partner of T.N. Putnam; Leslie Putnam's struggle to retain the ...