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    • N. C. (Norman C.) Morgan Collection 

      Morgan, N. C. (Norman C.); Morgan, N. C. (Norman C.) (2012-09-07)
      Typed copy of a poem about Jasper B. Chapin, referred to as the "Father of Fargo," written in 1896 by N.C. (Norman C.) Morgan after Chapin's death. Poem appeared in Fargo Forum & Daily Republican.
    • N. J. Clemens Letter 

      Clemens, Nicholas,; Clemens, Nicholas, (2016-07-11)
      Mimeographed letter, dated Nov. 1, 1933, requesting John E. Olin's support for Cap E. Miller as North Dakota's Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate. Includes a biographical summary of Mr. Miller, then professor of ...
    • Nathan S. Sheffield Collection 

      Sheffield, Nathan S.; Sheffield, Nathan S. (12/8/2015)
      Letters and typed carbon copies of two of his poems, "My neighbor and I," and "Transfiguration."
    • National Attiyeh Benevolent Society Convention Programs 

      National Attiyeh Benevolent Society; National Attiyeh Benevolent Society (2016-07-18)
      Programs for its 1962 and 1976 conventions, both held in Fargo, N.D. and sponsored by the Fargo chapter. The booklets include photographs of various family members, especially the 1976 program.
    • National League of American Pen Women, Fargo Branch Records, 1938-1960 

      National League of American Pen Women. Fargo Branch; National League of American Pen Women. Fargo Branch (2008-10-08)
      The Fargo Branch was formed in 1938 and formally organized in 1942. Its records consist of local bylaws, correspondence, Art Projects, and Subject files, including documenting the Fargo Branch's project to compile a list ...
    • National Postal Transport Association, Fargo Branch Records, 1931-1960 

      National Postal Transport Association (U.S.). Fargo Branch.; National Postal Transport Association (U.S.). Fargo Branch. (2010-12-15)
    • National Register of Historic Places, North Dakota. Cass County Nomination Forms, 1974- 

      National Register of Historic Places, North Dakota; National Register of Historic Places, North Dakota (2008-10-08)
      Photocopy collection of the complete Cass County historic sites nominations forms.
    • National Woman's Relief Corps (U.S.). John F. Reynolds Post No. 5 (Fargo, N.D.) Records, 1885-1965 

      National Woman's Relief Corps (U.S.). John F. Reynolds Post No. 5 (Fargo, N.D.); National Woman's Relief Corps (U.S.). John F. Reynolds Post No. 5 (Fargo, N.D.) (2008-10-08)
      Organization founded 1890 as an auxiliary to the local John F. Reynolds Post of the Grand Army of the Republic. Activities included participation in Memorial Day observances, contributing to the Soldiers Home at Lisbon, ...
    • NDAC Audit and Examination Records, 1937 

      Chernich, M.H; Burchand, F.A.; Chernich, M.H; Burchand, F.A. (2016-10-19)
      Report and audit on North Dakota Agricultural College after the Great Purge of 1937.
    • Near South Side Residential Area, Grand Forks, North Dakota: An Update Survey research records, 2001-2002 

      Isern, Thomas D. (Grand Forks South Side residential area research project); Isern, Thomas D. (Grand Forks South Side residential area research project) (2009-10-20)
      The research records of Thomas Isern consist of surveys of the near south side residential area of Grand Forks, N.D. in 2001-2002, following a devastating flood in 1997. These architectural analyses consist of photos, maps, ...
    • Neil McFarlane Collection, 1896, 1956 

      McFarlane, Neil; McFarlane, Neil (2013-06-04)
      Typed summary of interview (5 leaves) mentioning McFarlane's uncle, Henry C. Lyon, foreman and manager of Rand and Brown Farm (1881-1882), John Elliot who followed Lyon as foreman, a description of Rand and Brown Farm's ...
    • Nellie McIvor Letters, 1956 

      McIver, Nellie; McIver, Nellie (2016-07-26)
      Two letters from Nellie Fitzpatrick McIvor containing information about her husband, Norman McIvor, born at Ontario, Canada, and worked at Hill Farm, Humboldt Division (Humboldt, Minn.) starting about 1898. They met at the ...
    • Nels Magnuson papers, 1893-1955 

      Magnuson, Nels; Magnuson, Nels (2012-09-11)
      Correspondence, including letters from relatives in Norway, relating to daily events; certificate of election (1930) as state senator; miscellaneous financial records; bylaws of Souris Cooperative Elevator Company; historical ...
    • Nels N. Land Diary 

      Land, Nels N.; Land, Nels N. (7/20/2016)
      Relates, in very good detail, the daily activities of Mr. Land who moved from Davenport, N.D. to homestead in Bottineau County near Mohall, N.D. with Halvor Haugan and his sons, Martin and Louis Haugan. They traveled by ...
    • Nels Swenson Records 

      Swenson, Nels; Swenson, Nels (2015-11-30)
      Correspondence concerning the cost of a college education with reference to the children of Lineus Peterson, one of whom Swenson helped through college, working on the Adams Farm, and a newspaper clipping.
    • Nelson A. Mason and Matthew Forney Steele Collection, 1885-1960 

      Mason, Nelson A.; Steele, Matthew Forney; Mason, Nelson A.; Steele, Matthew Forney (9/26/2012)
      Unpublished written histories, including "Chief Sitting Bull's Latter Days," by Nelson A. Mason and "The Death of Sitting Bull, a Reminiscence," by M.F. Steele; legal agreement between Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill's Wild ...
    • Nelson and Clara Finney Collection 

      Finney, Nelson; Finney, Clara; Finney, Nelson; Finney, Clara (6/27/2016)
      Letter and typed summary of interview (5 leaves) with Mr. and Mrs. Finney concerning the Reid Farm; contains some family history and mention of the Kelso Farm and Hill Farm.
    • New Salem Holstein Breeding Circuit Programs 

      New Salem Holstein Breeding Circuit; New Salem Holstein Breeding Circuit (2015-06-08)
      Programs of third annual tour (1923) and fourth annual tour (1924) and picnic. Each brochure contains a brief history of the circuit, the 1924 brochure includes a chart of members briefly illustrating their family relationship.
    • Newspaper Microfilm collection, 1860s-2010s 

      Newspaper Microfilm Collection; Newspaper Microfilm Collection (2/28/2013)
      List of the microfilm runs of North Dakota newspapers plus several from South Dakota and Minnesota held by the NDSU Archives.
    • Newton C. Young Papers, 1907-1950 

      Young, Newton C.; Young, Newton C. (9/28/2012)
      Copies of speech, programs, clippings, obituaries, and memorials, relating to Young, including materials concerning his career as chief justice (1902-1906) of North Dakota Supreme Court; address by his wife, Ida (Clarke) ...