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    • Albert Herberg Collection 

      Herberg, Albert; Herberg, Albert (2016-06-20)
      Typed summary of detailed interview (20 leaves) with Leonard Sackett concerning his father, John Michael Thomassohn Herberg, early Norwegian immigrant settler, Grandin Farms, steamboat "Grandin", grain elevators, farm ...
    • Albert Hoiland Papers, 1899-1953 

      Hoiland, Albert; Hoiland, Albert (2008-10-07)
      Mr. Hoiland was a North Dakota inventor. The collection contains various United States and foreign patents and promotional material for some of his inventions including wild oats separator (most extensive), valves, lignite ...
    • Alex Alin Newspaper Clippings Collection, 1941-1953 

      Alin, Alex; Alin, Alex (9/19/2012)
      Various clippings concerning the Alins (Alex and Frank), including 'An historical compilation of Dickey County newspapers' (1941) by Alex Alin, and the 1915 price list for his Arboretum Farm Nursery at Fullerton, N.D.
    • Alex McKinnon collection, 1954, 1964. 

      McKinnon, Alex; McKinnon, Alex (12/5/2012)
      Typed summary of interview (2 leaves) with Alex McKinnon and daughter Gladys concerning his association with Frank Lynch, rounding up Frank Lynch's horses, brief mention of a California lumber company in which McKinnon ...
    • Alexander McKenzie Collection, 1916, 1922, 1950-1960 

      McKenzie, Alexander; McKenzie, Alexander (9/21/2012)
      Student term papers, published articles, and newspaper clippings documenting the life of Alexander McKenzie.
    • Alexander Stern Collection, 1895, 1934, 1961 

      Stern, Alexander; Stern, Alexander (2012-09-06)
      Letter serving notice of his appointment as trustee of North Dakota Agricultural College, undated campaign letter for a Fargo City Commission race, a letter of transmittal, and obituary.
    • Alfred Aasland Interview, 1956 

      Aasland, Alfred; Aasland, Alfred (4/4/2013)
      Typed summary of interview by Frank Herman and Leonard Sackett with Alfred Aasland concerning his father, Ole Aasland, who worked on the Grandin farm.
    • Alfred Johnson Financial Journals 

      Johnson, Alfred; Johnson, Alfred (10/14/2015)
      Financial journals relating to Johnson's photography business.
    • Alfred N. Terry interview, 1954. 

      Terry, Alfred N.; Terry, Alfred N. (2013-05-13)
      Includes details of his job as bookkeeper, such as buying fresh meat, ordering machinery replacement parts, a description of the Dalrymple Farm, its acreage, the office where he worked, food staples kept on hand, and wages ...
    • Alice K. Olson Papers, 1968-1983 

      Olson, Alice K.; Olson, Alice K. (2011-05-02)
      The Alice Olson Papers and accompanying oral history interview provide us with a view of an extremely energetic feminist agent of social change and consciousness during the turbulent years of the 1960s and into the early ...
    • Allen Osmundson Papers, 1924-1999 

      Osmundson, Allen; Osmundson, Allen (2008-10-08)
      McVille, North Dakota native who has an interest in local history and his Norwegian Lutheran heritage.
    • Allen Spiker German Russian Dialect Tapes, 1974 -1979 

      Spiker, Allen L.; Spiker, Allen L. (2011-05-04)
    • Alliance for the Future Collection 

      Alliance for the Future Collection; Alliance for the Future Collection (2015-11-10)
      Leaflets dealing with Secretary of Interior James Watt and the anti-Watt rally held in Fargo, October 15, 1981 when Watt spoke before the Greater North Dakota Association.
    • Alma J. Matson Collection 

      Matson, Alma J.; Matson, Alma J. (12/22/2015)
      This collection includes a copy of the book, Le Clair on Beauty Culture by Mm. LeClair and includes notes by Ms. Matson. There are also operator’s licenses from 1939 to 1955, a personal complexion analysis from Max Factor, ...
    • Aloha Eagles Papers, 1966-1977 

      Eagles, Aloha; Eagles, Aloha (2008-10-07)
      The Aloha Eagles Papers document her long and distinguished career as a state legislator, serving in the N.D. House of Representatives from 1967 to 1985 and her active support of women's issues. She introduced legislation ...
    • Aloisius J. Muench Collection 

      Muench, Aloisius Joseph; Muench, Aloisius Joseph (2015-11-24)
      Printed speech, Lent pastorals (1938, 1944-1945, 1947-1948, 1952-1954), newspaper clippings, 1943 speech entitled "The good way of life," clippings concerning his investiture as cardinal and a booklet in English and Latin, ...
    • Alpha Association of North Dakota, Phi Beta Kappa records, 1937-1942 

      Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Association of North Dakota (Fargo, N.D.); Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Association of North Dakota (Fargo, N.D.) (2015-06-12)
      The Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Association of North Dakota Records cover the period 1937-1942. They include Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, and Membership Lists.
    • Amenia & Sharon Land Company Verified Bills and Accounts Records, 1918-1930 

      Amenia and Sharon Land Company
      This collection deals with bills and accounts for the Amenia and Sharon Land company from 1918 through the end of 1930. The bills come from a variety of sources and accounts detail such things as blankets being returned.
    • Amenia and Sharon Land Company History by William C. Hunter 

      Hunter, William C.; Hunter, William C. (2010-09-08)
      This transcription of "The Amenia And Sharon Land Company" by William C. Hunter, was made from a rough typed draft that is part of Amenia and Sharon Land Company records (Box 1, Folder 2).
    • Amenia and Sharon Land Company Records, 1856-1967 

      Amenia and Sharon Land Company; Amenia and Sharon Land Company (2008-11-06)
      The Company was a Cass County Bonanza farm managed and later owned by the late Chaffee family. The collection consists of company records, its subsidiaries, and persons involved. The company records span 1875-1923 and ...