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    • Jane Skjei Papers 

      Skjei, Jane
    • Janke Family Papers 

      Harmon, Frieda; Harmon, Frieda (4/7/2015)
      Chronicles the family of Christoff and Anna Maria (Schlechter) Janke, German-Russian immigrants, who lived at Parkston, S.D. & Fessenden, N.D.
    • Jarvis Estrop Family Papers, circa early 1900s 

      McKendry, Norman; McKendry, Norman (2012-09-13)
      Photocopy of historical sketch by Norman McKendry, a grandson, recounting pioneer events and people of the Sims and Mandan, N.D. area. Includes some family information on Jarvis and Rebecca Estrop who settled in this area.
    • Jasper Haaland Collection 

      Haaland, Jasper; Haaland, Jasper (12/8/2015)
      Letter and newspaper clippings including obituaries. One clipping is an interview covering Haaland's bid for political office and his membership in the Communist Party.
    • Jeanette G. Kroeze Collection 

      Kroeze, Jeanette G.; Kroeze, Jeanette G. (2016-06-28)
      Typed original copy of "The women musicians of North Dakota, (6 leaves) by Mrs. Kroeze. Paper includes Agnes Bishop Jardine, Alma Mehus Studness, Nora Fauchild Morgan, Helen McBride Strahl, Florence Brastrup, Myrna Sharlow ...
    • Jennie M. Johnson Collection 

      Johnson, Jennie M; Johnson, Jennie M (2015-11-10)
      Letters of recommendation, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade teacher certificates, and teacher contracts from Hunter, Buffalo, and Goshen school districts (Cass County, N.D.) and a clipping of a poem by Laura Thorson, Mayville, N.D., ...
    • Jennie Millerhagen Papers, 1981-2011 

      Millerhagen, Jennie; Millerhagen, Jennie (2016-02-08)
      The collection is arranged into three series. The Children Advocacy Series consists of records from Millerhagen’s involvement with the Governor’s Committee on Children & Youth, Children’s Services Coordinating Committee, ...
    • Jens B. Egge Papers, 1954-1956 

      Egge, Oline; Egge, Jens B.; Egge, Elizabeth; Egge, Oline; Egge, Jens B.; Egge, Elizabeth (2013-05-14)
      Typed copy and handwritten copy of Egge family history, with obituary of Mrs. Egge.
    • Jens Leum collection of papers, 1905-1954. 

      Leum, Jens; Leum, Jens (4/5/2013)
      Correspondence with family members in Norway relating to daily life; letters from Gustav Amlund of the Normanden (Norwegian American newspaper) and S.A. Olsness; genealogical information on Leum family; land deed (1881) ...
    • Jessamine Slaughter Burgum Papers 

      Burgum, Jessamine Slaughter; Burgum, Jessamine Slaughter (2016-07-12)
      Letter, citation for the NDAC Outstanding Achievement Award, a typed copy of "Zi-win-ta, the Old Seeress of the Sioux," regarding an old Mandan village site, a handwritten reminiscence (22 leaves) concerning Fort Abraham ...
    • Jessie Soliday MacKenzie Collection 

      MacKenzie, Jessie Soliday; MacKenzie, Jessie Soliday (2012-09-11)
      Typed copy of Mrs. MacKenzie’s booklet (8 leaves) concerning her parents, Henry Augustus and Sarah Ann (Galehouse) Soliday, who came to the Carrington area in 1883 from Canton, Ohio; includes mention of 1883 blizzard, Lyman ...
    • Jewish Settlement in North Dakota Collection 

      Sherman, William C. (Jewish Settlement in N.D.); Sherman, William C. (Jewish Settlement in N.D.) (2009-12-17)
      One of Father William Sherman's chief interests was to compile documentation about the early settlers of what became North Dakota, their particular ethnic roots, and information about their history and culture. One of ...
    • Jimmy Mulligan, fur trader, and scout, 1953. 

      Wiltse, W. J.; Wiltse, W. J. (3/25/2013)
      Consists of a typed copy of his biographical story on Jimmy Mulligan's life, Fort Abercrombie and the 1862 Indian conflict. This story is based on what Mr. Mulligan related to Mr. Wiltse in 1900 while working for him. Mr. ...
    • Joanna Randolph Kelley Hollister Papers, 1908-1955 

      Hollister, Joanna Randolph Kelley; Hollister, Joanna Randolph Kelley (2008-11-07)
      Mrs. Hollister was a Devils Lake, North Dakota farmer and activist. The collection contains some letters, wedding announcement, memorial pamphlet for husband Clark W. Kelley, passport, and pages from scrapbook documenting ...
    • Johanna Tvedt Interview 

      Tvedt, Johanna; Olson, Mark; Tvedt, Johanna; Olson, Mark (2015-12-09)
      Typed summary of interview concerning her trip to America and pioneer life in Nebraska and North Dakota. Includes mention of the poor shipboard conditions, her arrival at Kearney, Neb., her visits to Spalding, Neb. where ...
    • Johannes Bonekemper Papers, 1802-1856 

      Bonekemper, Johannes; Bonekemper, Johannes (2008-10-06)
      Native of Prussia who became an ordained minister and spent a great deal of his life preaching to the people of the Black Sea area in Russia
    • John A. Thornquist Papers, 1954 

      Thornquist, John A.; Thornquist, John A. (11/8/2012)
      Typed summary of interview concerning his friendship with A.G. Holstrom, whom he met in 1896 or 1897 and to whom he introduced Rachel Holmes who later married Holstrom, his visits to Grandin Farms as tailor to A.R. Dalrymple, ...
    • John Amerland Papers, 1868-1899, 1950-1955 

      Amerland, John H.; Amerland, John H. (9/27/2012)
      Correspondence, biographical sketch of his mother Cora Nunnemaker Amerland, a copy of John Hiram Amerland's citizenship request (1868), duplicate of Henry Amerland's appointment as a notary public in Cass County, N.D. ...
    • John and George Lohr Collection, 1917, 1956 

      Lohr, George; Lohr, John; Lohr, George; Lohr, John (7/26/2016)
      Letters from John J. Lohr and Mrs. Glenn Hagle giving detailed information about the Tampico, Mont. ranch, livestock, negotiations between James J. Hill and the Lohr brothers on Hill's Humboldt farm and a newspaper clipping.
    • John and Thomas Finney Interviews, 1955 

      Finney, John; Finney, Thomas; Finney, John; Finney, Thomas (11/27/2012)
      Two interviews with Leonard Sackett concerning the Grandin elevator operation which was purchased by their father, Ole Finney, circa 1889.