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    • John T. Schneider Papers, 1953-2001 

      Schneider, John T.; Schneider, John T. (2011-08-30)
      Attorney John Schneider started his legal career in Fargo. He specialized in labor law and represented various organized workers’ organizations. In 1982 he was elected from Fargo District 21 to the North Dakota House of ...
    • John W. Felson Interview 

      Felson, John W; Felson, John W (2016-06-27)
      Typed summary of interview with Leonard Sackett concerning the Reid Farm and his father, Francis W. Felson.
    • John Woart Papers, 1870-1871 

      Woart, John; Woart, John (10/9/2012)
      Original letters and typed transcriptions written to his sister and mother at Sandy Hill, Washington County, N.Y. while stationed at Fort Abercrombie, N.D. One letter is from Ella Dewey Woart to her grandmother. Letters ...
    • John Zurcher Interview 

      Zurcher, John; Reid, Bill G.; Zurcher, John; Reid, Bill G. (2015-12-10)
      Typed summary of an interview with Bill G. Reid concerning Zurcher's mother and sisters who emigrated with him from Switzerland in 1892 to Jackson, Minn. and his life in McHenry County, N.D. Includes mention of his mother's ...
    • Jon G. and H. Elaine Lindgren Papers, 1991-1995 

      Lindgren, Jon G.; Lindgren, H. Elaine; Lindgren, Jon G.; Lindgren, H. Elaine (2008-10-08)
      Research papers assembled by two NDSU professors regarding the antiabortion protestors active in Fargo in early 1990s.
    • Jon G. Lindgren Fargo Mayoral Records, 1976-1994 

      Lindgren, Jon G. (Fargo Mayoral Records); Lindgren, Jon G. (Fargo Mayoral Records) (2008-10-08)
      Lindgren's topical files kept while Fargo's mayor related to a number of local controversial issues.
    • Jon G. Lindgren Fargo Mayoral Records, 1978-1994 

      Lindgren, Jon G.
      This collection contains materials relating to Jon Lindgren’s time as mayor. They include budget reports, letters written to various people, dealing with different disputes and companies, and personnel files. The files are ...
    • Jon G. Lindgren Papers on the Fargo 12th Avenue North Bridge, 1978-1991 

      Lindgren, Jon G. (Fargo 12th Ave. North Bridge); Lindgren, Jon G. (Fargo 12th Ave. North Bridge) (2008-10-07)
      North Dakota State University professor and former mayor of Fargo, who became involved with the group protesting the construction of a bridge through their neighborhood.
    • Jones and Brinker records, 1874-1954 (bulk 1874-1901). 

      Jones and Brinker Farm (N.D.); Jones and Brinker Farm (N.D.) (6/15/2015)
      Bonanza farm near Blanchard, N.D., in Traill County, owned by R.W. Jones and J.M. Brinker, of Buffalo, N.Y.
    • Joseph E. Skogman Papers, 1913-1916 

      Skogman, Joseph E.; Skogman, Joseph E. (2012-09-13)
      Correspondence, legal material, and Canadian patent relating to Skogman's invention of a header and binder attachment for traction engines.
    • Joseph Hanson Interview 

      Hanson, Joseph; Sackett, Leonard; Hanson, Joseph; Sackett, Leonard (2015-11-25)
      Typed carbon copy of interview summary (5 p.) with Leonard Sackett concerning the Dalrymple family, threshing, C.O. Vinje, mules, working on the Grandin Farms, use of blind horses to power grain elevators, and a letter.
    • Joseph Lamont Family Papers, 1862-1913 

      Lamont, Joseph; Lamont, Joseph (2010-12-15)
    • Josephine G. Smith Papers, 1908, 1953-1954 

      Smith, Josephine G.; Smith, Josephine G. (12/5/2012)
      Letter, typed summary of interview (2 leaves) concerning the Dalrymple family and the Chaffee family. Includes mention of her grandfather's land purchase from Mr. Chaffee, her friendship with Mary and Oliver Dalrymple, ...
    • Jón Jónsson Diary 

      Jónsson, Jón; Jónsson, Jón (2015-10-14)
      Mimeograph of typed translation of his diary (101 pages) covering 1873-1901. Begins with his farm at Mjoadal, Iceland; each year lists events by month, includes living expenses, income, and references to weather, friends, ...
    • Jules and Lois Best Herman Papers, 1950s-1990s 

      Herman, Jules and Lois Best; Herman, Jules and Lois Best (2011-08-16)
      The Jules and Lois Herman Papers document their musical careers, particularly the music performed by the Jules Herman Band that performed for some thirty-five years at the Prom in St. Paul, Minnesota. It also includes the ...
    • Jules LeBrun Records, 1930-1975 

      Lebrun, Jules; Lebrun, Jules (2008-11-06)
      Jules Lebrun, a farmer near Langdon, North Dakota, kept incredibly detailed farm account journals and diaries from 1930 to 1969 without any gaps. The journals document all farm and home income and expenses, whil the diaries ...
    • Juliet's Story 

      Hanson, Juliet Olfa Ledry; Hanson, Juliet Olfa Ledry (2015-09-02)
      Reminiscence written by Juliet Hanson detailing her life, especially her youth, growing up in Becker County, Minn. It is organized into 18 chapters.
    • Julius Sgutt Papers, 1894-1953 

      Sgutt, Julius; Sgutt, Julius (2008-10-08)
      First mayor of Harvey, ND whose son served in World War I and regularly corresponded with his father.
    • Julius Smith Interview 

      Smith, Julius; Sackett, Leonard; Smith, Julius; Sackett, Leonard (2015-08-03)
      Typed summary of interview with Leonard Sackett with mention of the Downing Farm, Frederick A. Bagg, Gerard Downing, and the Dwight Farm. Includes mention of his purchase of Downing quarter section of land at Mooreton, N.D.
    • Kate Selby Wilder Papers, 1861, 1906, 1940-1946 

      Wilder, Kate Selby; Wilder, Kate Selby (2011-01-25)
      Kate Selby Wilder was active in civic affairs in Fargo as well as state and nationally. In 1919 she was elected to the Fargo City Commission, being the first woman in North Dakota to hold such a position. The Kate Selby ...