Recent Submissions

  • Dry Edible Bean White Mold MAGIC Population 

    Escobar, Edgar; Oladzad, Atena; Simons, Kristin J.; Lee, Rian; Schroder, Stephan; McClean, Phillip E.; Osorno, Juan M. (2021)
    A dry edible bean MAGIC population was generated to map genes for resistance to white mold and to produce inbred lines with improved white mold (WM) resistance combined with good agronomic performance for primarily the ...
  • 2015 NDSU Bean Breeding Program Genotyping Snapshot  

    Simons, Kristin J.; McClean, Phillip E.; Osorno, Juan M.; Oladzad, Atena; Pasche, Julie S.; Lamppa, Robin
    The dataset consists of genotyping and common bacterial blight phenotyping information from genotypes within the NDSU Dry Bean Breeding Program. The Middle American data set consists of 713 genotypes and the Andean dataset ...