Recent Submissions

  • Wetland Research Center 

    Nohr, Matthew (2016)
    Use of crossing glue laminated beams and zahner panels in a research facility in Ulen, MN.
  • Wetlands Research Facility 

    Hirstein, Alexandra (2015)
    A Wetlands Research Facility located in Ulen, Minnesota.
  • Water Research Analysis Laboratory 

    Gurule, Rebekah (2015)
  • Urban Favela 

    Hall, Matthew (2015)
  • Plan V 

    Jarrett, Mork (2015)
    a Vertical Farm and residential complex for the eVolo Skyscraper Competition. The forms evoke their elemental inspiration through materials and styles. A skyscraper ON a skyscraper.
  • HydroHive 

    Fyre, David (2015)
    eVolo Skyscrapper- Ending the California Drought.
  • Mountain Architecture Prototype 

    Mueller, Peter (2015)
  • Timber In The City Competition 

    Johnson, Collin (2015)
    This project was a competition entry for the ACSA's competition titled "Timber In The City". The competition focused on timber structure mid rise building systems, and housed the Warhol museum, the Essex Street Market and ...
  • Wetlands Research Center 

    Haugh, Charlotte (2015)
    The Wetlands Research Center is a laboratory and visitor's center located on the Jacob Otte farm. The laboratory houses the research done by Dr. Otte and Dr. Jacob.
  • Otte/Jacob Wetlands Research Laboratory 

    Kostad, Katelyn (2015)
    The Otte/Jacob Wetlands Research Laboratory contains a welcome center and laboratory building and greenhouse. The design focused on a curved form and structure to compliment the curves of the landscape.
  • Wetlands Research Center 

    McGinn, Rachel (2015)
  • Wetlands Research Laboratory 

    Warner, Justin (2015)
    This project involves an in depth design response for a wetlands laboratory and visitor center. The project includes two separate buildings located on the Otte/Jacob farm in Ulen, MN. The project investigates the ...
  • Urban Iceberg Skyscraper 

    Holt, Wilbur (2015)
  • Wetlands Research Facility 

    Hoffmann, Kaspari (2015)
    The premise of this projects was to propose a design that would respond to the needs of the scientists who study the wetlands. This also incorporates spaces for studying the wetlands, rain gardens, conference rooms, etc.
  • Oil Patch Housing 

    Stroh, Alyssa (2014)
    Project Revive focused on designing housing for the three biggest cities of western ND, Dickinson, Minot, Williston. The project goal was to build up downtown locations and community living for each city greatly impacted ...
  • Wetlands Research Laboratory 

    Schmidt, Katelyn (2014)
  • Wetlands Research Laboratory 

    Kern, Logan (2014)
    A wetlands research laboratory and arrival center in rural hawley, minnesota
  • Wetlands Research Laboratory 

    Schmidt, Katelyn (2014)
    A science laboratory designed as a wetlands research facility.
  • Inheritance 

    Rodriguez, Esau (2014)
  • Wetland Research 

    Crook, Sarah (2014)

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