Recent Submissions

  • Effect of coagulants in removing cyanotoxin-microcystinin drinking water treatment process 

    Xu, Yue; Roy, Dhriti; Khan, Eakalak (North Dakota State University, 2015)
    The presence of cyanotoxins in source water is a worldwide problem. The most widespread cyanotoxin, called microcystins (MCs), produced from Microcystis Aeroginosa, can cause severe problems to the environment, animals and ...
  • 3-D Printing: A New Approach to Water Filtration 

    Giesler, Steven (North Dakota State University, 2015)
    People often find themselves in situations where clean drinking water is not readily available. One solution to this problem is the use of portable water filters. However, some water filters are too expensive or bulky to ...