Recent Submissions

  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Capstone Course Evolution at North Dakota State University 

    Bon, Tom A.; Kucera, Henry L. (American Society of Agricultural and Biological EngineersAmerican Society of Agricultural EngineersNorth Dakota State University, 2005)
    The approach to the department's capstone design course has changed considerably since the 1960s. The general evolution of the course has proceeded from extended laboratory exercises to individuals working on self-defined ...
  • Estimating Potential for Nutrient Delivery to Surface Water Resources in North Dakota 

    Seelig, Bruce (North Dakota State University, 2003)
    The relationship between nutrients and water resources may be described in terms of availability, mobility, and accessibility. There are many factors that influence nutrient behavior in the environment and their ...
  • Assessing Nitrogen Contamination Potential via Remote Sensing 

    Seelig, Bruce; Beard, Larry W.; Mita, Dath (North Dakota State University, 2002)
    A remote sensing-based cropland layer (CDL) was included in a group of natural and anthropogenic factors to assess the potential for nitrogen contamination of groundwater in Dickey County, North Dakota. The CDL, produced ...