Book about Sacagawea's son added to collection

The book POMP The Long Adventurous Life of Sacagawea's Son, by Frederick Taylor has been added to the Institute for Regional Studies Archives book collection.  The following description is taken from Amazon:

“Whatever happened to Sacagawea's son? His mother became a legend. But the infant boy who also made the hazardous 1,900-mile journey to Oregon with the Lewis and Clark Expedition nearly disappeared from sight after their return. Yet he lived a long, adventurous life. Educated in St. Louis by William Clark, he spent six years in Europe as the ward of a German prince. Upon his return he joined the fur trade, working with the famous of the west--Jim Bridger, Tom Fitzpatrick, Kit Carson--a guide for the Mormon Battalion in its 1,100-mile march across the Southwest to California, the alcalde of Mission San Luis Rey, and a gold miner. He died, in a remote corner of Southeastern Oregon, at age 61.”