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In 2003 and 2008 the Cass County (N.D.) District Court transferred its probate case files to the Institute for Regional Studies. They spanned the years circa 1876 to 1949. The files were inventoried and a database to the names developed to aid researchers. The database was developed by the Institute for Regional Studies staff, using the original index ledgers and verifying against the actual files. The original indexes are maintained at the Cass County Clerk of Court office. The original database contained data for over 5,100 probate cases handled in Cass County Probate Court.

In 2009 additional probate records for the period of 1949 to the end of 1951 were transferred to the Institute. These files were indexed and added to the online database in May 2010. For probate files after 1951, please contact the Cass County Clerk of Court office, 211 9th Street South, Fargo, ND 58103.

The probate case files at the Institute for Regional Studies span from the beginning of the administering of probate proceedings in Cass County in the 1870s to  the end of 1951. Individual files vary as to the type and number of documents and the information included. A typical file includes legal documents filed with the court, appointment of administrator, any will, proof of publication notices, inventories, bills, receipts, etc. Of special note, a number of the probate files are for individuals residing elsewhere, but apparently had property in Cass County.

Access and Ordering Copies

The Cass County probate records are open for public use in the research room of the Institute for Regional Studies. Photocopying is available. Mail and e-mail photocopy requests are accepted at a minimum charge of $5.00 per probate file. Due to the varying number of documents in a particular case the final cost can only be determined upon staff inspection of the actual case file and its contents. The minimum charge of $5.00 includes up to 25 pages of photocopying. Copies over 25 pages cost 40 cents per page. An estimate to the number of pages will be provided if requested. Mail and e-mail requests should include the name of the person and the PH/Case Number, as found in the on-line database.

To place an order please consult our ordering information page.

Update history

Database mounted September 2003
Database enhanced with date and place of death, May 2004
Additional records added, October 2004 (5,234 total records)
670 additional probate records added May 20, 2009 (5,904 total records)
285 additional probate records added May 28, 2010 (6,189 total records)