Donating University Papers and Records

The generous contributions given by alumni and friends of NDSU to the University Archives demonstrates their concern for the preservation of the university's history for present and past generations.

The University Archives actively seeks additions to its collections. Listed below are types of documents that may have historical and thus archival value.

Common material of archival interest
artifacts newsletters research files
diaries organizational records scrapbooks
directories photo albums speeches/lectures
membership records photographs and negatives video and audio tapes
memoirs press releases unpublished personal papers
memorabilia professional files memoranda

Since the value of records might be reduced if they are separated, reorganized or reshuffled, donors are urged to contact the University Archives staff regarding any materials that they are thinking of donating. The final step in donating material to the University Archives is a formal deed of gift agreement form, that transfer the legal title of the material to the Archives. Although this is a standard document, it may be customized to meet the desires of the donor. Generally, the University Archives will not accept any donation unless legal title is transferred to the Archives. If you have any items you wish to donate, please contact: 

Mailing address: University Archives Libraries NDSU Dept. #2080 PO Box 6050 Fargo, ND 58108-6050

Visiting address: University Archives 3551 7th Ave. N.  Fargo, ND

TELEPHONE: 701-231-8914