"For Eagles to be Crows” programs mounted on Digital Horizons

“For Eagles to be Crows” a series of programs aired on KDSU in 1973, have now been digitized and loaded into Digital Horizons.  The programs were intended to facilitate interracial understanding and allow the Native American people of North Dakota the opportunity to speak about their past, their future, and what was important to them from their own point of view.  The programs are divided into three sections, the first sections contains the heritage of the Native American people on the Fort Berthold, Fort Totten, Standing Rock and Turtle Mountain Reservations. The second section contains an overview of federal agency program trends and policies, and the third section contains a discussion of problems experienced by the Native American people.

Work on this collection was completed by Rebecca Keightley as part of her internship with Sociology & Anthropology.

The collection can be accessed at: