Fargo City Council Meeting Minute, 1893-1896 on Digital Horizons

The fifth digitized ledger of Fargo City Council meeting minutes covering the dates of March 6, 1893 – July 17, 1896, has been uploaded to Digital Horizons.  The ledger has 638 pages of handwritten content, which has been transcribed making the ledger term searchable. . The meeting minutes give a good, detailed account concerning the operation of Fargo city government.  This time period is highlighted by extensive changes to city infrastructure such as a water works, water mains, sewer systems, electric lighting, electric plant, electric street railway, street maintenance, sidewalk construction, dam construction, management of parks, police department, fire departments, and the formation of various resolutions and city ordinances.  During this time period Fargo was nearly destroyed by a fire the struck the city on June 7, 1893.  A large portion of the minutes cover the recovery of the city for this disaster.

The minutes can be accessed on Digital Horizons.