Fargo Downtown Oral History Project Mounted

The NDSU Archives have mounted 17 audio interviews produced as part of an oral history project entitled, A Collection of Oral Histories: Downtown Fargo From 1900-1950, conducted between January and May 2002.  The purpose of the project was to document the changes to the downtown community, identifying historic buildings, and tying these buildings to events that affected people’s lives.  The project was sponsored by the Fargo Historic Preservation Commission and the State Historical Society of North Dakota.  The people interviewed were Katherine Burgum, Keith Burkholder, Leo Grobe, Andrea Halgrimson, Vern Hunter, Alden Hvidston, Merlyn Hvidston, Richard Kloubec, Jim Landblom, Ruth Landfield, C. Warner Litten, Elizabeth Lorshbough, Bob Mason, Warner McNair, Glen Smith, Ed Stern, Martin Vogel, and Elizabeth Alsop.


We would like to thank our graduate assistants, John Hest, and Angela Beaton for their hard work digitizing the tapes, transcribing and cataloging the recordings.  Thank you to Ann Jenks and Fern Swenson, with the State Historical Society of North Dakota; Dan Mahli with the City of Fargo, and The Fargo Historic Preservation Commission for granting permission to make the recording available on Digital Horizons.  Also, thank you to Adrienne Olson and the Kilbourne Group for loaning the original tapes and thinking of the NDSU Archives as the repository to sponsor this digitization project.

The oral histories can be found at: