Fargo History Website Re-released

The NDSU Archives have re-released and updated a website dedicated to the history of Fargo.

In 2004, Fargo native and NDSU alumnus John Caron donated a website he designed, “Fargo, North Dakota: Its History and Images,” to the NDSU Archives. The website proved to be popular, but over the years, numerous changes occurred in the city and much of the information needed updating. In addition, changes in technology, such as mobile devices, required that the website meet new design standards.

Nicole Mattson, library web design technician, and archives associate John Hallberg took on the redesign project. The updated site was designed using Drupal, and now includes an easy-to-use navigation guide, as well as a website search option. The site’s text is being reviewed and verified with source information and historical imagery is being added. The process is ongoing, and updates will continue.

Caron grew up in Fargo, and was a graduate of Fargo Central High School and NDSU, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics in 1966. His graduate studies in mathematics, philosophy and public administration took him to the University of Minnesota, Harvard University and American University. He has served both in government and private industry as an executive in the field of information technology. One of Caron's interests is the history of Fargo. He developed the website using photographic and postcard images he collected.

The new URL for the site is http://library.ndsu.edu/fargo-history/.