First Fargo City Council Meeting Minutes added to Digital Horizons

The first Fargo City Council Meeting Minutes, volume 1875-1879, has been added to Digital Horizons.  This volume is a transcribed copy from burnt originals which likely were damaged in the June 1893 fire which destroyed much of the Fargo business district. This bound volume covers the minutes of the Fargo City Council from the dates April 12, 1875 - April 11, 1879. The meeting minutes give a good, detailed account about the operation of Fargo city government for this period. This volume contains 92 pages of handwritten text, which was meticulously transcribed by Archives Summer Intern, Michael Ewan, and Archives Associate, John Hallberg.  There are several gaps in the volume including the periods August 10, 1875 - April 11, 1876, August 9, 1876 - April 4, 1877, possibly caused by the fire.

Digitization was done through the City of Fargo.  In addition to the digitization, the original minutes up to 2002 were donated to the Institute for Regional Studies Archives Manuscript Collection at the NDSU Archives. 

The first volume can be viewed online at: