H. L. Bolley Photograph Collection


The H.L. Bolley Photograph Collection of the NDSU University Archives, is made up of two distinct series, the first series consist of approximately 80 lantern slides which were taken by Professor Bolley (Dean of Biology and Professor of Botany and Plant Pathology at North Dakota Agricultural College) during the summer and fall of 1903, when the College and the United States Department of Agriculture funded a trip to allow Bolley to study the chief flax growing areas in Holland, Belgium, Northern Germany, and Russia.

Bolley’s journal of the trip, “Outline of European Travels during the Summer and Autumn of 1903.” is available at: Journal.  Bolley also wrote an article about the trip, “Flax Culture,” North Dakota Agricultural College Experiment Station Bulletin No. 71 (October 1906): 137-214.  The article and the abstract are available.

The second series deals with campus scenes at the North Dakota Agricultural College during the  beginning of the twentieth century.  Buildings, student activities, and athletics are highlighted in these 80 photographs.