Institute Finding Aids: Agriculture, Bonanza Farms, and Land Development

  • Amenia And Sharon Land Company (Mss 134)
    The Company was a Cass County Bonanza farm managed and later owned by the late Chaffee family. The collection consists of company records, its subsidiaries, and persons involved. The company records span 1875-1923 and include meeting minutes, financial records, correspondence, and farm crop records. The subsidiaries include: John Miller Co. (1894-1922), Red River Valley Land and Investment Co. (1895-1900), Chaffee Grain Co. (1894-1922), Wanotan Land Co. (1900-1910), Chaffee-Miller Milling Co. (1906-1922), Miller-Chaffee-Reed Co. (1906-1919), H. F. Chaffee Co. (1913-1956), Manor Farms-Carrie T. Chaffee Estate (1921-1952), and others. Personal papers include E. W. Chaffee, Herbert F. Chaffee, Carrie T. Chaffee and children, Walter R. Reed, Peter E. Stroud, William L. Guy, Robert B. Reed, and the estates of John Miller and J. B. Vail. there are also the papers on the C. W. Caddigan gold brick affair (1909-1912) and J. H. Reed diary excerpts.
  • Askew, Robert G. (Robert Gordon) (Mss 319)
    The Robert G. Askew Papers document his research into the history of gardening in North Dakota through research questionnaires he sent out across the state and were returned, together with two drafts of his article on the subject and a version published in a special edition of North Dakota Farm Research marking the 100th anniversary of the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station.
  • Bagg Bonanza Farm Historic Preservation Society (SC52)
    Brochure, correspondence, clippings, and "Bonanza farm bulletin" newsletter, all issued by the Bonanza Farm Historic Preservation Society. Brochure includes a map of the farm with location of existing buildings and some that have been torn down. Clipping includes mention of the threshing crews, feeding them, the farm buildings, the Society's efforts to preserve the farm, and Ella Bagg Egenes, daughter of F.A. Bagg.
  • Baldwin Corporation (Mss160)
    The Company was founded in 1898 and was based in Appleton, Wisconsin with large land holdings (75,000 acres) in Dickey Country, ND. The collection consists of personal family papers of George Baldwin (1830-1907), its founder; his son, George B. Baldwin (1876-1949); and Charles F. Baldwin (1879-1947), as well as other family members. The extensive business records, beginning in 1853, cover Mr. Baldwin's early legal and land interests, the Baldwin Land Company, his estate and the Baldwin Corporation.
  • Burton, Perry (SC 42)
    This pocket diary documents the period Mr. Burton possibly was working on the Pete Smith farm near Larimore, N.D. and Arvilla, N.D. The diary for the entire year is quite complete, detailing his daily activities. For part of the year, there is a listing of his expenditures as well.
  • Cass County Conservation Association (SC 58)
    Various form letters & other flyers issued by the Cass County & state committees including copies of the state committee's newsletter, "AAA news," and a copy of "1941 AAA program for North Dakota."
  • Central Sheep Growers Association (Mss 249)
    The Central Sheep Growers Association was one of twelve district organizations of the North Dakota Cooperative Wool Marketing Association. The incomplete records show that it was operating during the years 1930-1934 to cooperatively market the wool produced by sheep growers in central North Dakota. The Central Sheep Growers Association was based at Carrington, N.D., with W.F. Moore its primary contact person.
  • Chaffee Family (SC 134)
    Correspondence; excerpts from diary (1892-1909) of George L. Dunning, laborer and farm superintendent of Amenia and Sharon farm; genealogical material; term papers; biography of Eben Whitney Chaffee by W.C. Hunter; two interviews with H.L. Chaffee; and brochures relating to Oriente, a community planned for Nicaragua, of which E.W. Chaffee was president.
  • Dalrymple Farms (SC 67)
    Correspondence, including letter (1880) to A.R. Dalrymple from Oliver Dalrymple; interviews with Erasmus G. Hagen, John Hanson, Joseph Hanson, Ralph L. Miller, David and Nellie Minnis, and John H. Pannebaker; index to articles concerning bonanza farms and the Dalrymples; financial statements (1907, 1910, 1918); inventories (1908-1909, 1911-1917, 1919), and cultivation statements, crop disposition, and crop income and distribution statements (1908-1919); and clippings relating to Oliver and Silas Dalrymple, the farms, early telephones in the area, and President Hayes's visit to Fargo, N.D., and the Dalrymple farm (1878).
  • Dickinson, William (Mss 236)
    Dickinson was a North Dakota merchant and rancher. The collection contains some correspondence and extensive subject files covering topics such as finances, ranching diaries (1914-1925), his Dickinson Abstract Company, historical newspaper clippings on the West, Stark County Taxpayers Association, and the 1895 high school class prophecy for his class at Moire, New York.
  • Diehl, Ralph (Mss 280)
    The Ralph Diehl Papers contain business records from his farm as well as records from the various agricultural organizations he was involved with. The collection contains records from Diehl's involvement in the Republican Party, information pertaining to his campaigns, and records from his terms as a state legislator. There are also papers from various other organizations that Diehl was involved in including civic, political, and religious. These records consist of a variety of records particularly correspondence and meeting minutes. They also include information pertaining to the issues Diehl was most concerned with, such as energy and agricultural issues.
  • Downing Farm (N.D.). (SC 163)
    Typed summary of interview with Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lowe concerning the Downing Farm and its owner, Jerome F. Downing, his adopted son Steven Gerard Downing, and a letter containing the biographical information on Jerome F. Downing.
  • Downing, Steven (Mss 17)
    Downing was the Manager of the Downing farm near La Moure and Mooreton, N.D. The collection concerns mainly his farming and and personal financial problems, particulary in the 1930s. The collection also contains correspondence and interviews with Downing as well as correspondence with his son, Wellington, while he served in the United States Navy during World War II.
  • Fay, John F. (Mss 217)
    John Fay, a farmer near York, North Dakota, preserved his farm financial records providing detailed accounting of the family and business income and expenses from approximately 1923 to 1960. There are also records of a threshing partnership, his cattle shipping business at Rugby, North Dakota, and participation in the federal Plains Shelterbelt Project of 1935-1936.
  • Fleischman, Fred A. (Mss21)
    The collections contains Mr. Fleischman's detailed farm account books (450 p.) listing all expenses and income by catagories such as household expenses, dry goods and wearing apparel, farm expenses, hired help, building of home, and income.
  • Grandin Farms (N.D.) (SC 125)
    Materials relating to Grandin Farms. Includes correspondence to and from bonanza farmer Oliver Dalrymple; copy of letter (1892) of J.L. Grandin; letter (1954) of Jay L. Grandin; labor contract stubs (1905); warranty deed (1947) for sale of Grandin Farm No. 1, Mayville, N.D., to Dewell E. Viker, of Halstad, Minn.; and bibliography of Grandin related material.
  • Hankel, Willard E. (Mss261)
    Willard E. Hankel was a farmer at Oakes, North Dakota in Dickey County. His farm diaries cover 1946-1960 and 1982-1995, calendars of daily action span 1961-1981, plus financial journal records for 1941. Other records document the Hankel family in North Dakota.
  • Hoiland, Albert (Mss 444)
    Mr. Hoiland was a North Dakota inventor. The collection contains various United States and foreign patents and promotional material for some of his inventions including wild oats separator (most extensive), valves, lignite grate, freight car door, flying machine (helicopter), cow trainer, car guide, and fan for explosive engines.
  • Hollister, Joanna Randolph Kelley (Mss 4)
    Mrs. Hollister was a Devils Lake, North Dakota farmer and activist. The collection contains some letters, wedding announcement, memorial pamphlet for husband Clark W. Kelley, passport, and pages from scrapbook documenting her farming career and organization involvement.
  • Holstrom, A. G. (Aaron G.) (SC 153)
    Typed summaries of three detailed interviews. One interview (7 leaves) with Rachel Holstrom, widow of A.G., mentions her life at Grandin Farm No. 1, their servants, entertaining the Grandins, and winter vacations in California. Second interview (5 leaves) with Harry Holstrom, nephew of A.G. Holstrom, and his year working on the Grandin Farm, including harvest, laundry, livestock, and his own farm. Funeral book with photo of A.G. Holstrom included.
  • Humboldt (Minn. : Farm) (SC 126)
    Farms in Kittson County, Minn., established by James J. Hill. Son Walter managed parts of the farms, others were managed by the Lohr Brothers. Farm names are taken from Minnesota towns Humboldt and Northcote.
  • Hunter, William C. (Mss 134 History)
    This transcription of "The Amenia And Sharon Land Company" by William C. Hunter, was made from a rough typed draft that is part of Amenia and Sharon Land Company records (Box 1, Folder 2).
  • Lebrun, Jules (Mss201)
    Jules Lebrun, a farmer near Langdon, North Dakota, kept incredibly detailed farm account journals and diaries from 1930 to 1969 without any gaps. The journals document all farm and home income and expenses, whil the diaries record the daily activities of the Lebrun family.
  • McKissick, James (SC 138)
    Extensive interview with James and Clara Trammell McKissick about his father, Charles, who managed the Dwight Farm, later the Hinkle Smith Farm near Amenia, N.D. and the Grandin Farm near Mayville. Mentions the livestock and acreage at Grandin Farm, Oliver Dalrymple, immigrant farm laborers, James McKissick's education and various jobs as farmer, milk truck driver, butcher shop owner, hog shrinker and a hired man who set fire to McKissick's barns.
  • Neal, Bigelow (SC 144)
    Correspondence with Dean H.L. Walster regarding North Dakota Agricultural College, President West, H.L. Walster, A.E. Minard, George and Oscar Will, and A.F. Yeager, clippings, typed copy of "Baron of Cowland," (10 leaves), an incomplete typed copy of "The last of the thundering herd," and "Valley of the dammed" which pertains to land buyouts by the Army Corps of Engineers for the Garrison Diversion project.
  • Nelson, Andrew (SC 53)
    Typed summary of interview (3 leaves) concerning his attempts at farming and his years as manager of the Howe Farm. Includes description of the buildings on the farm, the horses, and the field work. Also includes newspaper clippings.
  • Northcote (Minn. : Farm) (SC 126)
    Farms in Kittson County, Minn., established by James J. Hill. Son Walter managed parts of the farms, others were managed by the Lohr Brothers. Farm names are taken from Minnesota towns Humboldt and Northcote.
  • Northwest Farm Management Association (Mss 122)
    The Association was organized in 1909 to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and farm practices. The collection consists of the the executive committee meeting minutes (1925-1980, incomplete); extensive correspondence; files for its annual winter meetings, field days and tours; annual reports (1958-1967); membership directories, biographical files on Cap E. Miller, its executve secretary (1926-1951), Ole Olson, Pioneer of the Year nominees, and other members; various financial reports; and publicity material.
  • Olson, Ole H. (Mss 1060)
    Olson was a New Rockford settler and North Dakota governor. The collection contains threshing account books, travel expense, stallion service books, and homestead deeds. The collection also contains material relating to Olson's political career.
  • Page, William R. (Mss 241)
    Page served as a Grand Forks County agricultural extension agent. He deposited his diaries with the Institute. The diaries document his work as a county agent and his family life.
  • Power, J. B. (James Buel) (Mss 309)
    Power was a Northern Pacific land agent and farmer. The collection contains 14 volumes of indexed correspondence that give valuable information on the inside operation of the railroads and the opening of agricultural lands in North Dakota. The collection also contains material related to Power's farm at Helendale and the early settlement of the Red River Valley.
  • Ransom County Trust Company (Sheldon, N.D.) (Mss 764)
    The Ransom County Trust Company Records document the operation of a major North Dakota land company through an extensive collection of its business case files dating from circa 1899 to 1940s relating primarily to business transactions between the corporation and its customers. In addition there is extensive correspondence and business ledgers. The records provide an excellent insight into the economic and agricultural climate of the state during this period.
  • Ransom County Trust Company (Sheldon, N.D.)- Abstracts And Indexes (Mss 764 (Abstract))
    The Ransom County Trust Company Business Case File abstracts written by Rev. A.A.A. Schmirler are an invaluable research tool in using this collection. Although they only cover roughly half of all the business case files, they provide an astonishing wealth of detailed information.
  • Rosebud 4-H Club (Casselton, N.D.) (Mss204)
    The Rosebud 4-H Club of Casselton, ND was founded in 1935 as a home economics club. The collection contains the treasurer's and secretary's records and also a scrapbook for the club's 50th Anniversary.
  • Schickele, Rainer (Mss 224)
    Shickele was an agricultural economist who taught at North Dakota State University and later worked for the United Nations in the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Schickele published numerous articles and studies concerning the viability of small farms and how to best utilize a region's resources for agricultural purposes.
  • Smith, Datus C. (SC 159)
    Owner and operator of bonanza farm, Belle Prairie Farm (formerly Cloverlea Farm), near Blanchard, N.D., in Traill County.
  • Smith, Forest H. (SC 56)
    Contains the official records of this corporate farming business including articles of incorporation, bylaws, memoranda of agreement, meeting minutes of the board of directors and stockholders, as well as several resolutions and correspondence.
  • Smith, F. Paul (SC 56)
    Contains the official records of this corporate farming business including articles of incorporation, bylaws, memoranda of agreement, meeting minutes of the board of directors and stockholders, as well as several resolutions and correspondence.
  • Smith, Ralph G. (SC 56)
    Contains the official records of this corporate farming business including articles of incorporation, bylaws, memoranda of agreement, meeting minutes of the board of directors and stockholders, as well as several resolutions and correspondence.
  • Waldron, Lawrence Root (Mss 36)
    Waldron was a North Dakota Agricultural College wheat breeder. The collection includes several letters, articles by and about Waldron, list of his publications, newspaper clippings, speeches, pedigree of North Dakota No. 1 Wheat, and copies of some of his articles.
  • Ward, Ralph (Mss354)
    Mr. Ward was a North Dakota rancher and banker. The collection contains correspondence dealing chiefly with farming, ranching, legal and financial matters, land transactions, politics and banking; and biographical stories by his uncle Henry Ward, about pioneer life in in Dakota Territory to include Black Hills gold mining, 1881 Mandan flood, life in Owego colony in 1873, and hauling freight in a blizzard. There is also clippings and articles on Ward's father-in-law, Reuben N. Stevens, and the Ward family; and business records and legal papers of Ward and Stevens relating to their agricultural, banking, and business affairs, including tax matters and the North Dakota Taxpayers Association.
  • Wilde, Lorne (SC 31)
    Original typescript of an article titled "New Salem finds the answer" (11 leaves) which concerns the development of a dairy cow, specially bred for the Great Plains and an article from the Fargo Forum, "Farmers made famous by proper methods of dairying." (1 leaf) This article concerns the New Salem Holstein Breeding Circuit which began in 1910 with an idea from professor John H. Shepperd, North Dakota Agricultural College. Includes mention of the breeding program and other cooperative members' efforts.
  • Will, Oscar H. (Mss 1026)
    Oscar Will homestead near Bismarck, ND and focused his attention on the seed and nursery business. His seed company, Oscar H. Will & Co., was the first nursery in North Dakota. The collection consists of various biographical materials on Mr. Will and his son George, publications by George F. Will, and catalogs of Oscar H. Will & Co.