Institute Finding Aids: Lawrence Welk

  • Brechtel, Elmira (Welk Collection 1)
    The Elmira Brechtel Collection consists of correspondence from performers with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra sent to Ms. Brechtel in response to letters and cards that she sent to various members of the Lawrence Welk Show. Sending birthday cards has been a hobby of Mrs. Brechtel for over sixty years.
  • Herman, Jules And Lois Best (Welk Mss 6 & Mss 1596.21)
    The Jules and Lois Herman Papers document their musical careers, particularly the music performed by the Jules Herman Band that performed for some thirty-five years at the Prom in St. Paul, Minnesota. It also includes the music playbooks with some music arrangements that were used by the Minnesota Vikings Football Band that Jules Herman directed. Of general interest is a scrapbook documenting their lives. The papers have been organized into three series: Music Arrangements, Minnesota Vikings Football Band Music Playbooks, and Topical.
  • Hogue, Rolly And Pat (Welk Collection 2)
    The Rolly and Pat Hogue Lawrence Welk Collection documents the close friendship between the Hogues and Lawrence Welk as well as the Hogue’s making of arrangements for Welk for his visits back to North Dakota. The collection has been organized into four series: Correspondence, Calendars, Newspaper clippings and Subject files.
  • Lawrence Welk Scrapbooks Collection (Welk Collection 5)
    The Lawrence Welk Scrapbook Collection is perhaps the single, most comprehensive collection documenting the career of Lawrence Welk from 1938 to 1981. However there is a significant gap between 1943 and 1950 and also 1954-1955. Whether scrapbooks were ever compiled the years of the gaps is not known. It is believed that Welk‟s sister Eva Welk compiled these early scrapbooks, possibly through 1953. From 1956 to 1981 the scrapbooks are complete. No scrapbooks were compiled after 1981. The scrapbooks from 1938 to 1953 have been photocopied and are available in a bound volume at the Institute Research Room. This was done due to the fragile condition of the originals.
  • Lawrence Welk Sheet Music Collection (Welk Collection 4)
    The Lawrence Welk Sheet Music Collection includes single sheet music titles and a number of music books that either feature Lawrence Welk or members of his musical family on the cover or were composed and published by them. The vast majority of the titles are from the 1930s through 1950s. A photograph of Lawrence Welk is featured on many of the cover and often the phrase ‘Featured by Lawrence Welk and his Champagne Orchestra’ is printed on the cover also.
  • Norma Zimmer National Fan Club (Welk Collection 3)
    The Norma Zimmer National Fan Club newsletters are complete from 1978 to date. The newsletter is issued quarterly. They vary as to length; however they consistently include a message from Frances Young (president/director) and from Norma Zimmer. They also include photographs of Norma, her family and other members of the Welk musical family. In addition there are occasional poems and other writings as well as new fan club members, and upcoming Welk performances. In more recent years several color photographic prints of Norma Zimmer are enclosed with each newsletter.