Institute Finding Aids: Literary, Music, and Theater

  • Anderson, Robert (Mss 358)
  • Aune, Kenneth M. (Dance Band Traditions) (Mss 364)
  • Baccus, James C. (SC 9)
    Script of the play, West is the land (46 leaves) written by Baccus and Frank Scott in 1951, a program from the Fargo production, and a clipping. The play is set somewhere in the West and involves two brothers, politics, and an errant wife.
  • Barrett, Ben (Mss 255)
    Extension agent in Emmons County, N. D. from 1934 to 1959 who wrote about his life as an agent and early farmer.
  • Beeching, Jack (Mss 94)
    English born poet who was at NDSU during the 1965-66 academic year and worked on his manuscript The Dakota Project.
  • Brechtel, Elmira (Welk Collection 1)
    The Elmira Brechtel Collection consists of correspondence from performers with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra sent to Ms. Brechtel in response to letters and cards that she sent to various members of the Lawrence Welk Show. Sending birthday cards has been a hobby of Mrs. Brechtel for over sixty years.
  • Critchfield, Richard (first Accession) (Mss 156 and Cassette tapes 255-330)
    North Dakota native who enjoyed a successful career as a journalist and author covering the Third World. This collection is primarily drafts for his widely acclaimed book Those Days: An American Album that documents his own family history.
  • Critchfield, Richard (second Accession) (Mss 206 and 1 video cassette)
    Second donation of Critchfield's papers. It includes many of his published articles as well as drafts for many of his other books including Villagers.
  • Dakota Arts Quarterly (Mss 152)
    Literary journal that showcased writers and writngs from the Upper Midwest, edited by Rodney Nelson.
  • Fargo-Moorhead Area Music Club (Mss 140)
    Organized in November 1894 to promote the study of music in the Fargo-Moorhead area.
  • Fargo Opera House (Mss 62)
  • Fissinger, Edwin (Mss 226)
    Professor of Music at North Dakota State University and nationally recognized as a composer and editor of choral music.
  • Herman, Jules And Lois Best (Welk Mss 6 & Mss 1596.21)
    The Jules and Lois Herman Papers document their musical careers, particularly the music performed by the Jules Herman Band that performed for some thirty-five years at the Prom in St. Paul, Minnesota. It also includes the music playbooks with some music arrangements that were used by the Minnesota Vikings Football Band that Jules Herman directed. Of general interest is a scrapbook documenting their lives. The papers have been organized into three series: Music Arrangements, Minnesota Vikings Football Band Music Playbooks, and Topical.
  • Hogue, Rolly And Pat (Welk Collection 2)
    The Rolly and Pat Hogue Lawrence Welk Collection documents the close friendship between the Hogues and Lawrence Welk as well as the Hogue’s making of arrangements for Welk for his visits back to North Dakota. The collection has been organized into four series: Correspondence, Calendars, Newspaper clippings and Subject files.
  • Hohncke, Stella (Mss 165)
    Fargo, N.D. poet and editor. The Stella H. Hohncke Papers document her active literary career, the author of plays, short stories, poems, and speeches. The Anna Thorsell articles written by Stella Hohncke, one of which appeared in The Fargo Forum, discuss Mrs. Thorsell's childhood on her father's farm in Denmark and her work in the Danish royal family's kitchens in Copenhagen. There are also scrapbooks on Stell’a life and of the Hohncke family.
  • Jardine, Agnes Bishop (Mss 20)
    North Dakotan deeply involved in music clubs on the local and national levels and served as President of the National Federation of Music Clubs.
  • Kelsey, Vera (Mss 11)
    An accomplished journalist and author, Vera Kelsey's papers document her writing career through the manuscripts and research notes for her last four books, British Columbia Rides a Star, Red River Runs North!, Tomorrow is for You, and Young Men So Daring. For British Columbia Rides a Star it includes her travel notes from four trips around British Columbia.
  • Komus Klub (Fargo, N.D.) (Mss 341)
    The Komus Klub was organized in 1926 at Fargo, N.D. but also included neighboring towns such as Moorhead, Minn. and others in the surrounding area. The Komus Klub held social and dinner dances as well as formal dances many times during the year.
  • Lake Agassiz Arts Council (Mss 221)
    Created to promote the arts in the Fargo-Moorhead community and administer a granting program.
  • Lawrence Welk Scrapbooks Collection (Welk Collection 5)
    The Lawrence Welk Scrapbook Collection is perhaps the single, most comprehensive collection documenting the career of Lawrence Welk from 1938 to 1981. However there is a significant gap between 1943 and 1950 and also 1954-1955. Whether scrapbooks were ever compiled the years of the gaps is not known. It is believed that Welk‟s sister Eva Welk compiled these early scrapbooks, possibly through 1953. From 1956 to 1981 the scrapbooks are complete. No scrapbooks were compiled after 1981. The scrapbooks from 1938 to 1953 have been photocopied and are available in a bound volume at the Institute Research Room. This was done due to the fragile condition of the originals.
  • Lawrence Welk Sheet Music Collection (Welk Collection 4)
    The Lawrence Welk Sheet Music Collection includes single sheet music titles and a number of music books that either feature Lawrence Welk or members of his musical family on the cover or were composed and published by them. The vast majority of the titles are from the 1930s through 1950s. A photograph of Lawrence Welk is featured on many of the cover and often the phrase ‘Featured by Lawrence Welk and his Champagne Orchestra’ is printed on the cover also.
  • Lyons, Richard (1st Accession, Mss 10) (Mss 10)
    North Dakota State University English professor and poet.
  • Lyons, Richard (2nd Accession, Mss 151) (Mss 151)
    North Dakota State Univeristy English professor and poet. This collection, donated upon his retirement, documents his literary career.
  • Lyons, Richard (3rd Accession, Mss 259) (Mss 259)
    NDSU English professor, retired to Maine. These papers, the final installment of his papers and his career, focus on his poetry, both historical collections and more recent works done prior to his death in 2000.
  • May, Eugene (SC 27)
    Brochure promoting Eugene May's public lectures, primarily concerning scenic places of the world such as Switzerland, Yellowstone Park, and southern Italy. Includes a photograph, biographical sketch, and comments by various persons and newspapers.
  • McGrath, Thomas (Movie At The End Of The World) (Acc. 2598)
    Field recordings made by Mike Hazard and Paul Burtness of The Center for International Education in the production of a documentary on the life and poetry of Thomas McGrath.
  • McGrath, Thomas (Papers) (Mss 237)
    Renowned poet, Rhodes Scholar and Sheldon, North Dakota native.
  • McMahon, Frank H. (SC 121)
    The collection contains various poems and publications written by, or translated by Frank H. McMahon. There are also a series of five minute talks delivered to the Bois de Sioux Toastmasters between 1950 to 1956, newspaper clippings and various correspondences.
  • Mohberg, Nora (Mss 283)
    Mohberg was a North Dakota author of historical fiction related to her Norwegian American family.
  • Nelson, Rodney (First Accession) (Mss 229)
    Fargo, North Dakota native who served as editor for Dakota Arts Quarterly and published a number of literary works.
  • Nelson, Rodney (Second Accession) (Mss 294)
    Additional manuscripts, correspondence documenting the literary career of Fargo native.
  • Newspaper Microfilm Collection (Microfilm Collection)
    List of the microfilm runs of North Dakota newspapers plus several from South Dakota and Minnesota held by the NDSU Archives.
  • Norma Zimmer National Fan Club (Welk Collection 3)
    The Norma Zimmer National Fan Club newsletters are complete from 1978 to date. The newsletter is issued quarterly. They vary as to length; however they consistently include a message from Frances Young (president/director) and from Norma Zimmer. They also include photographs of Norma, her family and other members of the Welk musical family. In addition there are occasional poems and other writings as well as new fan club members, and upcoming Welk performances. In more recent years several color photographic prints of Norma Zimmer are enclosed with each newsletter.
  • North Dakota Newspaper Collection (Newspaper Collection)
    This alphabetical listing is for hard copy issues of various North Dakota newspapers, including school newspapers, available at the Archives Research Room. A small number of editions from other states are listed at the end.
  • North Dakota Sheet Music Collection (Mss 52)
    A collection of North Dakota related sheet music.
  • Olson, Ole A. (Mss 79)
    Ole A. Olson was a North Dakota poet and writer. The collection consists of biographical material, the original typescript copy (238 p.) of his autobiography, poems by himself and others, and his manuscript, "One Day on a Territorial Homestead.
  • Olson, Stella Lavina (SC 137)
    Author, poet, and journalist, of Abercrombie and Fargo, N.D.
  • Putnam, Clarence S.
    A collection complied by the Institute staff from various sources to honor the former medical doctor turned music instructor at the North Dakota Agricultural College.
  • Putnam, Grace Brown (Mss 110)
    New York native and University of North Dakota graduate Grace Brown Putnam was a school teacher and editor of Prairie Wings, the official publication of the North Dakota Poetry Society. The correspondence is almost exclusively letters written by Mrs. Putnam to Henry Martinson concerning the publication of Prairie Wings. Also includes newspaper clippings regarding Grace Putnam’s election as president of Prairie Wings, the launch of its poetry magazine, general information on the operations and purpose of the group, announcements regarding Col. Paul S. Bliss’ speaking engagements at one of the poetry society’s meetings.
  • Raaen, Aagot (Mss 177) (Mss 177)
    The Aagot Raaen Papers consist of photocopies of the original papers at the Hatton-Eielson Museum and Historical Association, copied with their permission. Her diaries from Sept. 1939 to Sept. 1941 are very detailed, documenting her teaching in the Newburgh community, personal feelings, and social affairs. The handwritten 1873-1938 "diary" (ca. 42 leaves) as Raaen called it, is more accurately a chronology of her life and of the Raaen family compiled many years later. The family papers include letters received by her mother Ragnhild, and her father Thomas’s files include a poem and love letters he wrote in Norway. Aagot Raaen's was very interested in researching and writing local history, some of which was published in newspapers and periodicals, that document the people and their way of life in the entirely Norwegian immigrant community of Newburgh Township in Steele County, N.D.
  • Raaen, Aagot (Mss 8) (Mss 8)
    The Aagot Raaen Papers contain research material and manuscripts for her book "Grass of the Earth", correspondence including letters sent to the teachers and school officers by Miss Raaen while she was the Superintendent of Schools of Steele County, N.D., research on the the Hamarsbøn family in Norway and America, and several articles written by Raaen.
  • Red River Watercolor Society (Mss 299)
    The records of the Red River Watercolor Society document the activities of the organization during its first fourteen years of operation.
  • Remme, John
    Fargo, North Dakota native who went to New York to pursue a stage career and appeared in Broadway plays before writing and starring in many other plays.
  • Rolfsrud, Erling (First Accession) (Mss 64)
    North Dakota native and prolific writer, especially of historical topics. This collection documents his early literary works.
  • Rolfsrud, Erling (Second Accession)
    North Dakota native and prolific writer, especially of historical topics. This collection documents his entire career as an author and educator.
  • Roseland, Don (Mss 372)
  • Sand, Prudence Gearey (Mss 230)
    Fargo native with long time association with the National League of American Pen Women. The Prudence Gearey Sand Papers consist, for the most part, of her poetry. The collection also contains a few essays by her, a collection of sayings and epigrams by her and others, a small collection of lists that she compiled and a small collection of correspondence. The poetry deals with various topics. There are descriptions of sunrises and of seasons. There are considerations of nature, wisdom, the soul and brotherhood. Some of the poems are very personal, talking about frustrations with other people, her relationship with her mother, and the pain of unrequited love. Mrs. Sand did complete multiple versions of some poems and these poems deal with topics like the nature of life on earth from a rather cosmic perspective, the circumstance of a poor artistic couple, and the changes that the contemplation of nature can bring about.
  • Scott, Audrey Roseland (& Frank Scott Papers) (Mss 195)
    Frank and Audrey Scott were Fargo, North Dakota natives. He arranged and wrote music for television shows including the Lawerence Welk Show, and later had his own band at Palm Desert, California. Audrey Remme Scott was a singer and entertainer. A recent accesion includes all his arrangements for his own band.
  • Scott, Frank (& Audrey Roseland Scott Papers) (Mss 195)
    Frank and Audrey Scott were Fargo, North Dakota natives. He arranged and wrote music for television shows including the Lawerence Welk Show, and later had his own band at Palm Desert, California. Audrey Remme Scott was a singer and entertainer. A recent accesion includes all his arrangements for his own band.
  • Scott, Frank (Music Arrangements) (Mss 232)
    Collection of 273 music arrangements by Frank Scott for use by his orchestra in California until his death.
  • Spath, Dale Dwight (Mss 317)
    The Dale Dwight Spath papers consist entirely of unpublished manuscripts of fictional works. Although they are on various subjects, they all involve aviation and pilots, particularly operators of small aircraft. There are two novels, one short story, and a poem.
  • Trinka, Zdena (Mss 3)
    North Dakota native and author who escaped the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia while on an official visit. The Zdena Trinka Papers consist of biographical material, a letter to Russell Reid of the State Historical Society of North Dakota critical of his involvement in the NBC television movie on the Marquis de Mores and her book Medora. There is a 470-page typed draft of an unpublished work entitled "Colorful Czechoslovakia." It is a descriptive work on the history, towns, country and life styles in Czechoslovakia. The remaining two manuscripts are copies and are each only six pages in length. "The Gift of Gifts" concerns an old man, Uncle Michael and his death. "Hitler's nearing Death," uses the Bible of Kralice to interpret the political turmoil of the late 1930s and in particular Adolph Hitler.
  • Vrooman, Nicholas Curchin (Mss 215)
    Vrooman was the folklorist for the State of North Dakota and this collection documents his work collecting information from the Turtle Mountain Chippewa regarding their folklore.
  • Walters, Anne (Mss 171)
    A prized playwright and dramatist from Webster, North Dakota who wrote several full length plays and books. Includes her works 'Choice' which is the story of the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and 'I Remember, I Remember,' a story of a North Dakota childhood. There are also her poetry files, numerous manuscript stories. The 'Anecdotage' manuscript documents memories of a North Dakota childhood which include homesteading, prairie schooner, the threshers, a country school, Cando and Starkweather, N.D., "Yust overs," the dry years, remembering mama, Maud Muller, the claim shack near Cando, farm life, a woman's life on the prairie, travelers coming by covered wagons and trains, harvesting, Dunkard settlement, living away from home so Anne could attend high school, the railroads, horses, wagons, and sleighs, the immigrants, drought, college years and World War I.
  • Watkins, Grace V. (Mss 233)
    Fargo teacher and musician who was also a prolific writer and member of the National League of American Pen Women. The Grace Watkins papers includes her diaries that cover the years 1921-1928. During this period Miss Watkins graduated from high school, attended Jamestown College and graduate school at the University of Iowa. The entries are largely Miss Watkins’ personal experiences as a high school and college student. Along with her personal experiences readers get a sense of the culture of North Dakota during the 1920s and a North Dakota perspective on some of the historical developments of the time.
  • Webster Theatrical Exchange (SC 57)
    Consists of its shares subscription list ($10,000.00), articles of incorporation, bylaws, and minutes of the board of directors.